What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

“Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.” 

  • Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, AI Oracle and Venture Capitalist

Does the quote seem true? 

Of Course!

There is a drastic change in the way we perform our tasks. A decade ago, could you imagine consulting a famous physician staying time zones apart in just a few clicks? 

Today you just download a healthcare app, put in your health issues, and you get directed to the best-concerned doctor for your problem. Geographic location is no more a matter of concern. With AI-powered applications, you can buy your spectacles (that you are supposed to get with try-and-buy) staying at your own place. The app makes you try every model you wish to and shows you the images of how you will look, making it easy for you to choose the best fit. character ai

So, Artificial Intelligence is virtually everywhere! 

It is there in every industry imaginable. 

A report by Gartner states that there has been a massive 270% increase in the applications of AI in the last four years. This has escalated the career opportunities in AI, resulting in the huge demand for candidates who are well trained and skilled in this ever-evolving domain. 

Artificial Intelligence is a consistently evolving domain which implies that for a career in AI, you are required to upskill yourself to keep up with this technology. Some of the courses, such as the artificial intelligence course in Kerala, can help you land a decent job and a good boost to your career in AI. 

The impact of AI can be seen everywhere, and this is the reason that many of us are concerned about the future of AI. Today, we will discuss the future of AI.  

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Currently, artificial intelligence is impacting almost every human being and every industry. Can you observe the level of its impact? It can impact an individual, the whole organization, and even the industry. It can serve as the main driver of emerging technologies such as robotics, Big Data, and IoT (Internet of Things), and it is going to continue to act as a technical innovator for the coming years. 

The biggest innovation that can be seen everywhere is the camera which is connected to your smartphone and other devices. It helps in numerous ways to capture images. 

The impact of AI is everywhere, and the future is Now!

Let’s look at some of the industries where it has a significant impact. 

  • Education

A sector that would have come to a halt in this pandemic if AI was not there. The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, and no one ever thought that schools and colleges would ever get closed. 

But the education of students didn’t come to a pause, and it still continues despite the danger of a third wave. Today, textbooks are digitized, virtual tutors are there to help human instructors, and facial analysis determines the emotions of students to identify if they are bored or find it difficult to grasp, thereby better tailoring the experience according to their individual requirements. 

  • Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, AI-powered robots can work with humans to perform tasks such as predictive analysis sensors that keep machines running smoothly. 

  • Media

To make quick sense of complex financial reports, Bloomberg uses Cyborg technology. This way, many media channels utilize AI for making quick earning stories. 

  • Healthcare

The most important sector where AI is in a nascent stage has brought about significant change in the way diseases are diagnosed and treated. Today the diseases are diagnosed quickly and accurately, drug discovery has been sped up, monitoring patients with virtual nursing assistants, and Big Data analysis to make a personalized experience for patients. 

  • Transportation

Who knows we can have self-driving cars running as cabs in the cities. Maybe, you will book one and leave it at your destination with some AI-powered lock systems. This may seem a fantasy but will soon become true. 

Artificial Intelligence is drastically crucial for our future because it serves as the foundation for computer learning. With the help of AI, computer systems can harness huge amounts of data and utilize their learned experience to make feasible decisions and discoveries in very little time that humans would have taken to do. It is now responsible for everything from cutting-edge climate change research to medical breakthroughs in cancer research. 

Can you imagine that these advances in the field of AI are just the beginning? There is much more to come in the near future, more than anything. Artificial Intelligence has a deep impact on every industry, and so is with careers. Though it has eliminated some jobs, it has created new ones with all new skills and knowledge requirements. Let’s see what jobs you can have with AI.

Career Opportunities in AI

Today, the most promising career offered in any technology is that of AI. There are plenty of career opportunities owing to a wide variety of applications in various areas. With proper training, upskilling, and certifications, you can seek a career as one of the following.

  • Big Data Engineer – Average Annual Salary – INR 8,00,000
  • Business Intelligence Developer –  Average Annual Salary –  INR 5,00,000
  • Data Scientist – Average Annual Salary –  INR 8,00,000
  • Machine Learning Engineer – Average Annual Salary –  INR 7,00,000
  • Research Engineer – Average Annual Salary –  INR 1,400,000
  • AI Data Analyst – Average Annual Salary –  INR 5,00,000
  • Product Manager – Average Annual Salary –  INR 1,700,000
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer – Average Annual Salary –  INR 7,00,000
  • Robotics Scientist – Average Annual Salary –  INR 1,100,000

The salaries mentioned above may vary with geographic location, experience, qualifications, certifications, company, and industry you work in. 


It is clear by now that you can definitely have a promising future if you learn Artificial Intelligence and get certified. There are many online resources to opt from. Typically, an online training course trains you rigorously with real-life projects, self-paced learning, a top-class learning management system, doubt sessions, and career guidance.

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