What is Virtual Payment Address & How to Create it?

Virtual Payment Address, a unique identity, which is connected to an individual’s bank account.Unified Payment Interface(UPI) enables him or her to send/receive money without asking for additional bank details.

How to Create Virtual Payment Address?

Since VPA is part of the UPI payment system, it can be availed from the UPI App. The process to get a VPA is as follows:

  • Download the UPI app and link it to a bank account through your mobile number, registered at the bank.
  • First step is a mobile verification process, which is followed by another verification round, which consists of a security question.
  • Once the final authentication is done, create a VPA for the account you provided.
  • Unlike email addresses, one is provided with a VPA of one’s choice if the availability is confirmed.
  • If it isn’t available, one is asked for an alternative choice. Once your unique VPA is chosen, it gets approved instantly, and you get a virtual payment address

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Sending & Receiving Money Via VPA


VPA and UPI apps have made money transmitting way easier than it used to be. In order to send money, using the UPI app, the first step is to have the VPA of the receiver.

Steps to transfer money using VPA:

  • Login to UPI app.
  • Select fund transfer through UPI as your option.
  • Enter the VPA, and amount meant to be transferred
  • If the person has multiple VPAs, one is supposed to use the VPA linked with the account they wish to make payment from and proceed.
  • Confirm the details and type your MPIN to validate


Steps to receive money via VPA

  • Login to UPI app.
  • Select UPI, and click on “Collect via UPI”.
  • Type the VPA address of the individual who you are requesting money from.
  • Give the amount requested
  • Choose the VPA account in which one wishes the money to be transmitted.
  • Submit the required details and await approval from the other end.
  • Once approved by the individual you request money from, the amount gets credited to your chosen account.


As we’ve evolved with time, from monkey to human, so have our payment methods. We’ve entered the era of online payment, where money can be transferred from anywhere, anytime be it weekends or bank holidays on a 24/7 basis. Be it a credit note or BNPL schemes, the fintech industry is constantly coming up with customer oriented approaches to ease out the lending process.The tedious process of registering a beneficiary is long gone, plus there is no need to use IFSC code or provide the bank account number to send money. The only thing required is a 6 digit pin, this process of online payment isn’t just user friendly but by far the quickest and convenient way to transfer money.

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