Development of Mobile Phones. What Year Did Download Slots And Casinos Appear

We take a look at how mobile technology changed the online gambling industry and how gaming operators and developers have had to customize their offerings to cater to the growing demand of mobile gaming users.

Guest author Monin Manne takes a look at the development of mobile phones, casino apps, and why mobile casinos have turned out to be so popular.

Mobile Casinos Become Popular

Mobile casinos and gambling apps started becoming popular shortly after smartphones took the world by storm. When smartphone usage increased, operators of online casinos realized that players would soon prefer playing mobile casino games and started marketing them heavily. This helped them capture a new audience and get players to spend more time playing their favorite games. The first casino apps were launched in 2008. Today, Indian players can choose from a wide range of Indian online casino apps.

Just about every online casino catering to the Indian gaming market has customized its offerings and made it mobile-friendly. These mobile-friendly casinos can be accessed from your mobile browser and don’t always require a mobile app download. Websites like feature reviews on the best online casinos in India and are worth a look before choosing where to play. 

Brief History of Mobile Phones

AT&T engineers invented the world’s first mobile phone in the early forties, but company workers used these devices only in their base stations. The credit of producing mobile phones en masse in the early seventies goes to Motorola. These devices were called 0G mobile phones or Zero Generation mobile phones.

In 1992, IBM created the world’s first smartphone, which it released a couple of years later. IBM’s device included features like email, touch screen, calendar, notes, fax, and many other apps. The Blackberry smartphone for business professionals arrived shortly after. In 2007, Apple Inc. plunged into the race and sold 1.4 million iPhones.

Today, there are several manufacturers of smartphones, most of which operate on the Android and iOS operating systems.

Development of Online Casino Apps

Online casinos appeared on the scene in the mid-nineties, and by 1996, gamblers worldwide could choose from 15 online casinos. However, the credit of developing the world’s first mobile casino gaming software platform in 1995 goes to Playtech. Other companies did not take long to follow in the footsteps of Playtech.

Types of Mobile Casino Apps in India

If you are looking for the best online casino in India to play on your smartphone or tablet, you can choose from the following mobile casino apps:

iOS Mobile Casino Apps – Visit the Apple App Store to find several casino apps from the world’s top online casino operators. You can easily download and install these apps on your iPhone or iPad and play your favorite mobile casino games for real money on the go.

Android Mobile Casino Apps – Google’s anti-gambling policies prevent it from allowing mobile casino apps on its platform. But Indian online casino sites display download links to Android mobile casino apps.

First, you have to alter your Android device settings to accept files from unknown sources. Then click on the download link on the Indian online casino website to download the .apk file and install it on your device. You can now launch the mobile casino and play your favorite online casino games on the go.

The best online casinos in India also offer native mobile casino gaming apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. You will find the download links on the casino website, enabling you to easily download these apps on your smartphone so that you can play on the go.

No-download Mobile Casino Apps

No-download mobile casino apps are excellent mobile gaming options for players who dislike downloading and installing native mobile casino apps on their smartphones.

If your smartphone lacks the required space for mobile casino apps, visit the mobile version of the online casino on your smartphone browser, log in with your existing username and password, and play your favorite games in your browser. You can also set up a gaming account on your mobile phone and qualify for the welcome bonus.

The advantages of playing via mobile casino apps are many, as follows:

  • Playing on mobile devices is easy and convenient.
  •  Sign in to the mobile casino app from any location.
  • Access to the games is quick and easy.
  • Many Indian online casino apps offer exclusive bonuses to mobile players.

On the downside, the game libraries of mobile casino apps are smaller than the game libraries of their desktop versions, although you can still play the newest and the most popular games on the go.

Also, smartphone batteries run out fast when you play for a long time. Still, nothing can beat the experience of playing your favorite games via a mobile casino app.


If you want the best mobile gaming experience, make sure you have a strong mobile internet connection and a smartphone that has a display that is preferably over 5 inches. 

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