Best Smartphone Apps to Keep Your Health in Check

There is never a time when us keeping our health on track and making sure we stay up-to-date with our health requirements is a second priority. However, with us staying busy in our personal and professional lives, it becomes tricky for us to keep our health in check. 

With technology making impressive advancements, it only makes sense to include our health in its loop. Mentioned below are some of the best smartphone apps to help keep your health in check without you having to remember it all the time.

  • MyFitnessPal

Are you looking for ways to lose weight or simply stay physically fit? Has bingeing on snacks while streaming Netflix or HBO Max in South Africa or other regions helped you gain unnecessary weight? We got you.

MyFitnessPal will provide you with all the facilities for staying fit, including tracking what you eat, counting calories, and getting ample weight loss support. 

This is a great app for people who are looking for a one-stop solution for their physical health without having to spend any money on expensive memberships to gym and nutrition experts. You can also connect this app to your smartwatch and track your daily physical activity.

  • Noom

What makes Noom unique is that it doesn’t simply give you a meal plan to keep your body in shape, but uses psychology instead to figure out which of the foods gives the client an unhealthy eating habit. With that information, that unhealthy habit is changed into a healthy one by providing an alternate option to that ‘trigger food’. 

This way, not only does Noom helps people lose/gain weight and stay fit, but also in a manner that is healthier and long-lasting. Such eating habits can healthily transform a person, both physically and mentally.

  • Talkspace

Talkspace is designed to ensure that therapy always remains accessible to people who need it. It enables people to reach out to therapists and mental health professionals who reside in their area to help counsel them. 

The most common reasons why people seek therapy is due to depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorder, substance abuse, etc. Users have the option to either text, call, or video call their therapists. The best part about using Talkspace? Many insurance plans cover it. 

So, anyone who suffers from any sort of mental health issue can freely seek help through this app.

  • Headspace

Your spiritual health is just as important as your physical and mental health. With Headspace, meditation is no longer an issue as you would be given ample assistance based on your experience level. 

For people who have never meditated before and need to due to stress or sleep-related issues, this app helps them with introductory lessons and guides them based on their health goals. 

Other parts of meditation, like mindfulness, are also taught on this app by helping people stay in the present and learn many exercises to regulate their temper, control anxiety, and sleep well.

  • Sleep Cycle 

As obvious from its name, Sleep Cycle is an app to help track and regulate your sleeping patterns. All you need to do is keep your phone with you in bed and go to sleep. The app records your sleeping patterns, phases, and even restlessness that you experience in bed. 

Your phone’s accelerometer and microphone help gather the data by recording your snoring, sleep talking, as well as your movements. Another thoughtful feature of this app is that it allows you to set an alarm based on when you’re in the lightest sleep phase. 

So, it seems like no more disrupted sleeping patterns would be expected after subscribing to Sleep Cycle and following its instructions!

  • Flo

For women who have a hard time remembering their period date, Flo is a great app to track their cycles and be prepared when it is near. This saves a lot of women from the hassle of having ‘period accidents’ in public due to them not remembering their due dates. 

Not only that, but Flo also helps women identify their ovulation, which helps a lot of women who are either looking to conceive or avoiding it. All in all, it is a great app with a lot of user-friendly features to assist women in regulating their menstrual health.

Wrapping Up

In the era where professional grind and ‘hard work’ is given an inflated sense of importance, it is extremely important to make health your number one priority.

Installing health apps on your phone may not seem to be a huge action, but it is one step in the right direction to give your health the care and importance it deserves. 

We hope that you will benefit from these apps by installing them on your smartphones, entering your data, and tracking your health on a priority basis. 

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