Cryptocurrencies are the new form of business and investment globally; most digital and physical companies worldwide have already implemented them as a means of payment and have provided excellent results and benefits such as agility and efficiency when canceling the amount. In addition, goods or services purchased, popularity by allowing payment in cryptocurrencies, increase sales by being receptive to these digital currencies, etc. So, invest in crypto and become a millionaire now.

But in life, not everything is perfect; cryptocurrencies also have some very noticeable disadvantages that significantly affect people’s investments; one of these most notable drawbacks is the volatility in their values.

BTC bear currents

This year cryptocurrencies have gone through very controversial circumstances, where shallow values ​​have been registered in their price for seven consecutive days, so much so that it resembles the crisis presented in 2018.

These constant falls could represent the end of all the trends that have been professed about the high values ​​in the price of bitcoin, for this year, where it had been estimated to reach a value of $100,000.

The falls this year have had different causes, starting from the unexpected rises in the rates of the us federal reserve, the conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, and the civil protests in Kazakhstan that have caused the internet to be cut off in that important country for bitcoin mining.

All these inconveniences are getting longer and longer, daily affecting the cryptographic market and, consequently, the withdrawal of many investors from them and creating panic and distrust in those who maintain the position of moving forward and resisting to wait for a rise significant even in the long term.

During the lifetime of bitcoin, that is, from its creation to the present, there have been many recorded falls, but of which it has been consecutively overcome over time, making itself known more and more every day and acquiring credibility and trust in the most people who are interested in them.

Cryptocurrencies had shown that it is profitable to invest in them; in 2018, they showed us when bitcoin lost more than 80% of its value, which managed to recover to values ​​never before registered, reaching almost $70,000.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay; they will continue to be an excellent form of investment. 

Regardless of the risks they present, many people worldwide have trusted and believed in them and bet that they will be the option to make a fortune quickly, either in the short, medium, or long term.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that has been most receptive in recent times. Therefore, even though it is going through a falling situation, its revaluation is expected to come progressively, reaching the goals established by experts in cryptographic markets and analysts of registry indicators of values ​​in specific periods.

Most of the investors experiencing this fall have chosen to stand firm and keep their coins as savings since if they are sold, it would be a significant loss of the investment made, which, if it is held, can be the basis of a great fortune in the future.

We must trust that this cryptographic economic recession will be like in 2018, which showed us that cryptocurrencies are not a fraud. Instead, they are like any economy that registers ups and downs, wherein, in the end, they recover and give way to a new opportunity for financial growth and development.

The future is uncertain, but we must be open to changes, processes, and improvements for our well-being. If it comes to economics, cryptocurrencies are the option, and bitcoin their excellence is the most famous and recognized cryptocurrency of all time. Many investors who support it and attest to it, including oversized, specifically banking institutions of recognized importance, have already implemented bitcoin as an investment fund in their virtual asset capitalization proposals.

It is time to carry out a financial study and allow ourselves to be part of this majestic economic world that cryptocurrencies represent, providing economic growth possibilities to small, medium, and prominent capitalists and investors.

It is a unique opportunity and decision that must manage based on our convictions and previous knowledge; try your luck and invest what you are not afraid of losing is the motto.

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