Cryptocurrencies go hand in hand with technology since they were created and depend directly on them to stay in the crypto markets.

Nowadays, it is remarkable to see the great boom they have gained in different areas of the daily economy; more and more businesses and private investors are joining the use and implementation of said digital currencies and started trading at

The internet and cryptocurrencies make up the financial strategy of the moment, indicating that their teamwork will contribute to the most significant impact in the digital market.

Importance of the internet for bitcoin

One of the significant advances in technology is the internet, a contribution that has managed to provide communication to the world, together with other systematized tools.

Internet access allows for digital life, full of opportunities of different kinds such as educational, work, entertainment, and economic, among others.

Such is the case of the use and access to cryptocurrencies, which is only possible with this service as important today as the internet.

When operating in the crypto markets and making investments in them, you must have an internet connection to carry out such transactions since digital is the only way to interact.

Bitcoin has registered very significant falls, which have not occurred for some years. One of the causes that have marked controversy and significantly directly affected its value is internet cuts. There is no access to you cannot carry out any operation or transaction related to mining or any other activity related to cryptocurrencies.

The case of Kazakhstan

The government conflicts in the second country with the most mining in the world suffered a social outbreak in mid-January, to which the government took very radical measures.

Among them was the internet service cut off to a large part of the population, leaving without internet access to many miners, who decided to move to china to stabilize their operations.

This event was one of the causes that have contributed to the fall in the price of bitcoin, since when mining is paralyzed; the trade and negotiation of cryptocurrencies are greatly affected, significantly reducing their demand and reliability.

It shows us that the internet plays an essential role in the management and negotiation with cryptocurrencies. Through that connection, we can access where we have our investments stored.

Emancipation of bitcoin

In 2017, the Canadian company block stream raised the independence between bitcoin and the internet with the launch of the digital service block stream satellite, which is responsible for sending the bitcoin blockchain to the entire planet, using only one satellite antenna, a USB receiver.

Thanks to four geostationary satellites located around the planet earth, this cryptocurrency is not dependent on the internet.

Another possibility of transmitting the bitcoin blockchain is by radio waves, thanks to Locha mesh and its open-source proposal. Two portable radios called turpial and harpía are used. However, this method is not entirely dependent on the internet since it uses a computer and the Locha mesh software.


It is possible to maintain an independent internet connection, as we have seen before, which offers a great possibility since a hardware device with the internet would not be essential to operate with bitcoin or any other currency.

Cryptocurrencies have arrived to establish themselves in the world economy. Consequently, they will be seeking to improve their management, security, transmission, code, market, and everything else related to their field.

Bitcoin has been characterized as the cryptocurrency that has shown the most achievements and progress in search of its stability, credibility, and demand to attract more investors and maintain those already parts of a great evolutionary economic project worldwide.

The bitcoin falls have been due to many causes, but dispensing with the internet has wreaked havoc, hence need to search for solutions to improve this aspect of independence, which is achieved with the implementation of strategies such as those have mentioned in this context.

Bitcoin is a robust cryptocurrency that has overcome large bear markets and will always seek to be at high levels of revaluation.

It has already been accepted and implemented throughout world trade, cataloging itself as the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in recent times.

Despite the difficulties presented, it remains standing and is committed to a decentralized economy, which many pursued in the last years.

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