TOP-5 Live Betting Strategies

TOP-5 Live Betting Strategies

Thousands of fans prefer to make bets in live mode while watching matches and monitoring how events on a playing field develop. They can make more precise and successful forecasts by adjusting them in the course of the match. Thus, live betting is of great popularity on online sportsbooks. Bettors can watch a great variety of tournaments on Several events are broadcasted daily.

To make predictions more profitable and accurate, several strategies exist in live betting. Here, we’re going to focus on them and list the most fruitful ones.

TOP-5 Profitable Strategies for Live Bettors

  1. Making forecasts on a late goal on football

The best time to open this bet is 10-15 minutes before the regular time is over. Make a prediction that at least one more goal will be scored before the end of regular time on football. For example, your bet can look like TM 2.5 when the score is 1:1.

Note that to open such predictions, the following conditions should be met:

  several dangerous chances were created in the second half;

  the difference in the score is no more than two goals;

  attacking players entered the game;

  teams haven’t scored the number of goals that were predicted by bookmakers.

  1. Making predictions on yellow cards on football

The perfect time to make such bets is 15-20 before the regular time is over. Bettors are recommended to make a prediction that at least three more yellow cards will be in the match. For instance, your bet may be like TM 6.5 when the score for yellow cards is 3:3.

This live betting strategy is applicable when the following criteria are met:

  the match is essential for both clubs;

  the difference in score is no more than one goal;

  teams haven’t got the number of yellow cards, which was predicted by bookmakers;

  the chief referee warned players verbally several times in the second half.

  1. Making forecasts on corners on football

The ideal time for this bet is 20-25 minutes before the end of the regular time. Predict that a hosting team will give at least three more corners till the end of the match. Your forecast may look like an individual total more (ITM) is 5.5 when the score for corners is 4:5.

This approach will work if the following preconditions are created:

  the hosting team losses by score;

  a guesting team almost stopped attacking;

  a guest club couch replaced the attacking players with defensive ones;

  bookmakers considered the hosting club a clear favorite of the match;

  the flank players of the host team have many crosses into the penalty area.

  1. Making predictions by quarters on basketball

Bet on the win of an outsider during the first quarter. If the prediction doesn’t work, continue betting on the outsider in subsequent quarters doubling your bet size until the first win. The odds for the outsider’s win will be 2.00 or higher in each quarter. If the outsider doesn’t win during the match, continue betting on its win during the next match.

Note that when sticking to this live betting strategy, the size of your first bet should not exceed 1-2% of the bankroll.

  1. Making forecasts by games on women’s tennis

Note that in live events, the odds for a reverse break are always higher than 2.00. For instance, if the first player took the opponent’s serve, then, bet on the second player in the second game.

This strategy is applicable to women’s tennis only when three conditions are satisfied:

  both players play equally poorly;

  the game develops on a slow surface;

  no one has a significant advantage by score.

Bet insurance is a common strategy if bettors are not sure that their bets will work. In such cases, an opposite prediction with higher odds is opened to compensate for the first forecast.

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