How to Sell A Bike at a Good Price? Guide for the Sellers to Sell Used Bike Online 

Are you ready to sell your bike? You can do it with simple steps. Sell bike to genuine platforms, so choose a suitable platform first. Next, clean and inspect your bike and determine the price for it. Advertise the bike online and around the town, or go for a dealer or best sell it on the online platforms. Sell old bikes to a potential buyer so being aware of the scams is an important step. Whether you have decided to give up or choose to ride a second hand bike, all you have to do is put in an extra effort to sell a 2 wheeler quickly.

1: Clean bike Thoroughly 

To get the most money while you sell a bike, you must detail clean your bike before showing it to the potential buyer. Clean the engine, wheels, body of the bike and even the chain, including the seat, to get a good makeover of your motorcycle. You must remove the scuff and boot marks and even polish up the chrome pieces to make the bike shine brightly. Try to sell used bike when they are properly cleaned and maintained. 

2: Inspect the bike and Replace the parts 

As you wish to sell 2 wheeler, it is necessary to inspect the bike. At the same time, you clean the bike and take note of dents, scratches and damages. Try to look for leaks or other issues in the motorcycle. Once you find anything similar, you should get rid of it by taking your bike to a bike service. This will help you to get rid of any corrosions on the battery terminals and touch up paints if at all it is necessary. You must replace the visible brake parts with genuine spare parts to get the best price. 

3: Figure out what Bike Price is Apprised of!

You have to figure out the price of the same model bike through the marketplace. You can even view ads for similar bikes on the classified sites. This will help you to determine the price of your motorcycle. For example, if you have an activa bike, find out how to sell my scooty or Activa bike online. You’ll get the details of the bike along with the proposed price. Determine the average cost for a similar bike and then fix a range like Rs.28,000 to Rs.35,000. To sell your bike at a reasonable price, you should allow the buyer to bargain and fix the lowest rate for yourself, below which you should drop the selling price. 

4: Determine a price range for your bike

As you choose ‘sell my bike online’, there are numerous platforms where you’ll get a fair price idea. You need to consider the average selling price of a bike and how much money you are putting in for your old bike. This excess money must be included in the price range you are offering while selling bikes online. The bike valuation online process is quite simple and effective for fast service. Based on the bike valuation, the price is provided. You need to sell the bike in the best amount without compromising anything. Keep in mind that aftermarket parts and specified modifications do not increase the bike value from rupees to rupees; thus, the option of losing money is less. 

5: Take the best pictures of your bike 

It is necessary to take several pictures of your bike before you sell an old bike from Delhi. The potential buyer will check the bike from several angles like the sides, front and back, close-ups of the gauges and cluster. When you choose to sell a used bike, you must get the best price for the good pictures that will attract the masses. So if you are planning to grab the attention of the new potential buyers, you need to have a good image for your bike. 

6: List the bike online if you’re willing to sell 2 wheeler

If you plan to sell your scooty, you can choose the bike listing platform. Taking pictures and then putting them up on the listing will quickly help you sell your bike. In addition, the motorcycle-specific sites are pretty popular. You can think about the two-wheeler online platform like CredR, which entirely buys and sells used two-wheelers. If you plan to sell a bike online, it is a great way, as they take complete care of it. 

7: Make time to meet with the potential buyer

It is crucial to meet the buyer at that time; you can schedule the meeting and rearrange your own plans. It is a good idea to sell bikes online through a platform. In that case, the worry of finding a genuine buyer won’t bother you. You must sell your bike and get the best price, rest, and everything is taken care of! The best part is that an auto expert will do the bike valuation online before a price is offered. Make sure that you get the best buyer, which is only possible through platforms. 

Conclusion: Sell Bike to a Trusted Buyer 

The entire process of selling your old bike is easy if you are clear about your desire. If you want to sell an old bike to a genuine buyer, you must get in touch with ideal two-wheeler platforms. Do the basic bike service for your bike and get the paperwork done for the smooth functioning of selling your two-wheeler. If you are selling a used bike through a platform, you do not have to wait for the payment. As your bike is sold, the agreed amount is transferred to your bank account as soon as possible. The wait for getting paid from the new buyer when you deal individually isn’t there when you sell your bike to a platform. Choose wisely. 



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