How To Travel On A Budget As A Student In 2022 – Cheap Travel For College Students

How to Travel as a Broke And Busy Student

Supporters of budget travel are the real heroes of our time. Indeed, this is exactly what you need to be to go to Latin America for a month with $ 200 in your pocket. Of course, there are a lot of arguments for — you can pump your communication skills and intelligence well.

But, in fact, the poor trip is still an adventure that only desperate students dare to undertake. Have you passed your assignments? If not, it is better to pay for essay cheap and to go on a debt-free trip.

Let’s look at what you should pay attention to when planning a trip.


Preliminary route planning is a very exciting process. Firstly, it allows you to save money significantly. Open the map, look at it and write down the nearest places you want to visit.

Then fantasy should be pushed to the background, and rational thinking should be included. Traveling on their own, the worst tourists are limited in money. You can schedule a visit, for example, to all European capitals. But is it really possible to do it for a few dollars? Choose the most attractive places from all the places on your list and think about how they can be combined into one route to save money

Choose your destination carefully

The road from home to the camp is always an expensive journey, because the organizers will not meet you at the airport. You need to make at least an approximate route in advance and calculate the money. Don’t panic if something goes wrong.

When you come to a new place, you definitely need to learn how to pay for transportation and other things. Because every country has its own currency.

When planning a trip on your own, buy tickets in advance. Especially if there is a desire to save money. If it does not tie you to specific dates in your journey, this will allow you to save on tickets. After all, during the “hot” days, the prices for flights increase significantly. And when passenger traffic weakens, companies significantly reduce their prices. More tips on how to find cheap flights to Europe.

Volunteering and work

But first you have to pass the exam and assignments perfectly. Here you can find the best essay writing service users recommend.

If you include travel expenses, as is traditionally the case, then most likely the student will have to save for such a vacation for a very long time.

Students always take part in international volunteer programs, which make significant savings. Often, organized sightseeing trips are provided in the programs of volunteer camps.

Projects of international volunteer camps have a very different direction. Volunteers help in organizing festivals, caring for animals on the farm, teaching a foreign language to children and much more.

All these camps — work camps — exist in one worldwide public organization, “SCI” — Service Civil International. SCI offers many options for volunteers: short-term (average duration 2 weeks) and long-term projects (6-12 months).

Work camp is a unique form of volunteerism. It unites people from different countries and traditions to live and work together with local communities for two to three weeks.

For example, in different countries of the world, farmers are looking for helpers. No one will pay, only they will settle and feed. Plus, work several hours a day. However, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted not only with traditions and culture but also with real life in a particular country.

So you can go somewhere every year and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle in the fresh air and with a healthy diet. Such trips are especially useful for those who learn the language.

Transport selection

One of the most economical ways to travel is to use low-cost aircraft. The cost of tickets for them is really low. The comfort level is perfect for short flights. But such air operators have two features that need to be considered. Budget planes visit many, but not all cities. And the number of tickets for them is limited, and they are in demand.

Here are a few names of low-cost airlines: Wizzair, EasyJet, Ryanair, Air Berlin, Vueling. Each of these companies has its own website with convenient maps of destinations. Correlate the actual existing flights with your list. Choose the most convenient port of departure, the final destination from where you will return.

If desired, you can quickly move at least to the opposite part of the continent. If you choose the flight and thoughtfully fit this flight into your route.

Don’t just limit yourself to flying by plane. It is convenient to travel by train within a certain country. The distances between cities are not very large. And traveling by train is an interesting adventure. It will allow you to feel like a local, observe people, and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the country. is a website that will be useful for planning railway trips between European countries. In addition, it is quite easy to find information on local bus and rail transportation within the country of your choice on the Internet.

If you want to save money on travel, keep in mind that there are quite a few cheap bus routes. They are not very convenient for long-distance travel, but they can be useful when traveling short distances. For example, you arrive in one city, and you can only move further from another. Buy a bus ticket or take the train. It will also be an amazing adventure!


If you feel confident behind the wheel and crave maximum freedom of movement – rent a car. This travel option will allow you to not depend on the schedule and have maximum freedom in route planning.


There is one more thing that students can do in order to save money so that they can travel – look for essay paper for sale. By following the tips above, students can easily save enough money to travel without breaking the bank.

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