Jewellery gift options for your female best friend

She’s the person you call when life takes a dig at you or when you just cannot decide the type of shoe to wear for a party. However, more than being an unofficial stylist or therapist, your best female friend is the person who gets you truly and doesn’t pass any judgment on you as you travel through life. 

You may have some best friends. There may be a close pal whom you have known from your childhood; the past roommate who tells you every detail of their life to you and the girl you bonded with recently after listening in to her story at a social gathering. Every friendship discloses a new side of you. While a particular friend might reveal your mischievous and adventurous persona, another may remind you of what you are capable of and help you stay grounded when things don’t go your way. 

Here’s a guide to purchasing jewellery for your best female friend whether you are rejoicing a huge moment, or looking to buy a gift for her birthday. To help you better imagine every friend type and the beautiful jewellery gifts that make sense to that particular person, every best friend will be hereby referred to as bestie. 

Newbie bestie

When you become an adult, life gives you more toils that it seems harder to make any new friends. If you are lucky enough, you need not face this situation. You may meet some new people through mutual friends. They may become the reason why you smile often. You may have seen them dress up in bright and vivid colours, and though they may have their individual style, they still can accomplish the boldest accessories. You might have already discussed outfits and jewellery pieces. If you are looking to purchase jewellery for your new bestie, you can consider buying a ring that is simple yet intricate and fancy. 

Girl bestie from your childhood

You may have the oldest friend whom you met in high school. She may have been the cool artsy girl with glasses and curly hair in the class and you guys may have spent a good chunk of time together playing, laughing and having fun. She might have taken you out for a summer vacation or a camp. You may still have a scrapbook and have sent tons of notes to each other just to stay in touch when you were apart for a while. While you may not see each other that often, it may still feel like yesterday and start from where you guys left off when you meet again. 

As far as jewellery gifts for childhood female friends are considered, you can opt for a piece with a nostalgic factor that goes with the current style choice of your friend. You can buy a string bracelet as it resembles a friendship bracelet. You can also get one for yourself, too, just to feel closer to your greatest friend regardless of where you people are, in your lives. 

Family member

You may have an older sister, who practically nurtured you since your birth. You may not call yourselves “friends” from that time. With some age gap, there may be some sibling fights—nothing serious and it may have been a very silly thing like borrowing clothes without her knowledge as you guys shared a room back then. You may have realized that you guys are way closer only when you both started living apart. Now, you may call her every now and then to get her opinion on something that is important to you. There may be no one else who knows you in and out as she does. You both may even have some inside jokes that no one else in the family can understand. When you buy a jewellery piece for her, you can consider getting a locket necklace or shop gold rings online with a personalized message. This may be a nod to the statement that sibling rivalry over time will bloom into a good friendship. 

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