Types of Winter Jackets Every Woman Should Own 

Types of Winter Jackets Every Woman Should Own 


As the winter season starts setting in, we crave for warmth so much that fashion might take a back seat. Winter jackets for women online can be easily found at leading online stores like Glamly to accentuate your winter fashion. 

This winter, you can allow your winter jacket catch up some interesting fashion as you go ahead with blending style and functionality together. From the plain raincoat to the noble trench coat, you can come across some of the perfect outerwear pieces to update the winter closet. 

Which Winter Jackets Should You Buy This Winter? 

Whether you wish to invest in a single winter jacket or buy the completely lot from Glamly, the coats are made to convert the chill of the season into the chicest and the most fashionable season of the year. 

The winter jackets for women online can be found in a wide range of varieties -ranging in terms of colors, functionalities, fabrics, and designs. Here are some of the latest designs for your ultimate winter fashion this year: 

#Trench Coats 

A trench coat is an essential winter closet item for all women out there. Even though it started its life in the form of a raincoat for the British Army, the simple winter style has indeed become a feminine classic for ladies all around the world. If you do not have one this winter, you should invest in one by going through the vast collection of winter jackets for women at Glamly. 

The weather-proof and lightweight style of the winter jacket is perfect for providing you ample warmth and comfort during the transitioning winter season. Moreover, you can pair this winter staple with almost any outfit. Dress it down with sneakers and jeans, or pair up with a classic dress and heels for your nighttime fun. 

#Wrap & Belted Coats 

If you feel the need of wearing the dressing gown of the house, this is the perfect coat style for you. Wrap and belted winter coats feature additional material at the front for allowing closure to deliver ample warmth.  

You can tie up a thick fabric belt at your waist for defining the overall shape and keeping your overall look polished and feminine. Totally comfortable and warm, the robe-like winter jacket can be worn by anyone. However, if you are tall, you can consider wearing heels with this look. 

#Pea Coat 

It is a classic type of outerwear style that can be put on by both men & women. Originally, pea coats were adorned by sailors. It is a traditional type of woolen coat that has been designed meticulously to keep your warm and cozy throughout winter while appearing completely fashionable throughout.  

Pea coats are known to feature a double-breasted front look while finishing only below your hips. Pea coats help in making a refined addition to any standard outfit during the winter season. You can put on this style with trousers or pants to balance its short length while adding a contrasting sweater underneath to offer your look some dimension. 

#Military Coat 

In the modern era, conventional military coats have become a stylish re-interpretation of traditional military coats for men. Featuring a busted waist along with a double-breasted closure, military coats for the winter season are accentuated by classic metal buttons. The overall style of these contemporary jackets is profound and feminine.  

The coat will have you looking stylish and attractive. The hourglass, structured silhouette of military coats makes it one of the most designer and flattering winter outfits. At the same time, the thick fabric of the coat helps in keeping you cozy. You are only expected to choose the length and color that suit you well as you will keep wearing this coat winter after winter. 

#Cape Coat 

As you put on a cape coat, it is like wearing a comfortable and warm blanket -while being more stylish. The arm-less, unique, and stylish design of the cape coat stretches to the medieval times. The style continues being popular even in the modern era. The feminine style of the cape coat totally covers the shoulders before it continues draping downwards -creating a bell-shaped silhouette.  

The look is perfect for ladies who wish to achieve a highly polished look. You can pair the style with longer sleeves for added warmth and carrying along a handle bag. It is because over-the-shoulder bags will not appeal. 


Winter coats or jackets for women keep changing trends from one winter to another. You can make the most of the latest winter jacket trends by shopping the latest collection from Glamly. 


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