Top 7 Reasons To Add Juttis To Your Wardrobe 

Top 7 Reasons To Add Juttis To Your Wardrobe



Planning your wardrobe can be exciting, especially when you know what essentials you need to have in it. Whether it’s the outfits or the fashion accessories, your wardrobe must be a mix of all things that best represent your style, and you feel confident when wearing them. There’s one more important addition to your closet, and that is footwear. You can never have too much footwear. There are so many footwear styles that you cannot just stick to one pair. And rightfully, you should have them all. But there’s one footwear style that has created its massive fan base, and those are juttis. 


A jutti possesses the power to compliment a wide range of outfits while giving you a hint of that irresistible, ethnic vibe. You may have those sexy high heels or the ravishing knee-length leather boots, but nothing can match their beauty. Evolving from their traditional style, they have created an irreplaceable position in every woman’s closet. They are cute and delicate yet fit perfectly and comfortably on your feet. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are the top 7 reasons to add juttis to your wardrobe.  


It’s the best of both worlds. 


Every footwear style has its distinct features that separate them from others. These features give them a unique identity. Footwear like flip flops and sliders are very comfortable and are easy to slip on and take off. That’s why they are used more casually for everyday use, on vacation, or at the beach. On the other hand, footwear styles cover your feet and keep them safe from bruises. When it comes to juttis, you get the best of both worlds. They are easy to wear and put off without much hassle while they cover your feet, just like shoes or similar footwear. That’s what makes them the perfect footwear for casual and outdoor use.  



They are suitable for any occasion. 


There’s no need to have an occasion to flaunt your footwear, but it wouldn’t hurt to wear a suitable pair according to the occasion. Not to generalise, but women have a keen sense of what to wear for the occasion. They often plan their outfits for the event, whether a wedding or a corporate meeting. But what if you run late for the function and can’t decide which shoes to wear? Don’t worry; there comes your saviour. Juttis are the hero you need when choosing suitable footwear for various occasions. Whether you are heading out for a meetup with buddies or a 4-day destination wedding of your bestie, they can save you from a lot of hassle. A single pair of jutti would be your go-to footwear for any occasion. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have more than one in your wardrobe. If you adore these beauties too much, you should get a bunch or two of them. 


There is plenty of variety. 


There are very few footwear styles that are as versatile as them. They come in various types, making them popular footwear among women. You can drool over Punjabi juttis that maintain that Punjabi vibe with a touch of modern design elements. You can also choose from printed styles with design styles like Bagru, Shibori, and paisley motifs. Other design elements include pom poms, tassels, ghungroos, mirror work, thread work, etc. There are also popular styles such as Tilla, Khussa, Rajasthani, Lucky, Kasuri, Jalsa, and many more. Each style has distinct design work and features that give them their unique identity.  


There are designer options as well. 


Every woman dreams of wearing designer fashion accessories at least once in their lifetime. Now that dream can come true. Some popular brands collaborate with reputed designers to bring unique designs you have never seen before. These designer juttis are available exclusively on their online store, where you can buy them and fulfil your dream. The designer styles embody and reflect the essence of those designers. The intricate and accurate design work can mesmerise you beyond your imagination.  


It gives you a traditional touch. 


To show respect towards traditions and culture, you don’t have to wear a lehenga every day. There are hints of traditions that can keep you connected to your roots without much effort, and that’s what juttis do. They add that subtle traditional touch to your outfit and personality. You can wear them with denim, high-rise jeans, shorts, or western dresses, and they will still ooze that traditional vibe that you want.  


A go-to traditional footwear 


One of the major dilemmas many women face is what to wear with ethnic dresses. You can surely wear sandals or Kolhapuris to take things up a notch, but there’s one reliable option. Juttis must be your go-to choice to pair with traditional outfits. Whether you are wearing a Kurti with jeans, a saree, a lehenga, Patiala, salwar-kameez or any other traditional attire, they are the perfect pair for your traditional outfit.   


No more visible chipped nail paint 


What if you leave for a function in an hour and your nail salon appointment fell through at the last moment? Don’t worry; juttis are here to save you. If you had planned to wear open-toe heels, you might just have a better option. You can save yourself from embarrassment by wearing juttis to cover that chipped nail paint. It’s also a good choice if you missed your pedicure appointment by any chance. Who would have thought juttis could save you from embarrassment as well? 


Footwear has immense significance in women’s wardrobes. Those days are long gone when girls and women used to wear juttis for festivities and functions. Today they have become everyday footwear, thanks to the style and comfort it brings. They are worn and adored by women of all ages. They come with various embellishments, prints, thread works, mirror works, and ornaments that set them miles apart from other footwear in uniqueness. These are sufficient reasons to convince you why these gems called juttis should be in your wardrobe.


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