Top 3 three homemade aroma candle  

Top 3 three homemade aroma candle  

aroma is just the best option to remove your stress level and helps you get lost in the aroma of these candles, aroma candles help to change your mood instantaneously you just have to light up your favorite candle, and boom everything, started looking better and less stressful. 

As the essential oils, added in the homemade aroma candle, they aren’t loaded with a lot of fake or fancy scents as in the market one and they might not be as fragrant as you are expecting but, they do have some fragrance that might fade over time but isn’t it a good thing as compare to market fake candles our homemade candles are best because fake candles do smell good but they are loaded with as many chemicals which is not good for the lungs and heart and if the candle was made by paraffin wax and metal wicks when both the material burn together will grind out toxic substance like heavy metals and petroleum by-products which push you in the risk of cancer and organ damage.    


Select a less evaporation wax flake for the candle, and use wax which holds their scent for a longer period you can use beeswax because this wax has a property to burn slowly as compare to [paraffin wax which is inexpensive and unscented but the wax burns quickly] and release a soft scent of their own. 

essential oils – orange, coffee, rosemary and lavender these are my favorite essential oil you can choose any one you want.  


melt the wax – to melt the wax we have to set up a double boiler procedure in which take pan fill about 2.5 centimeter of water in it let it boil for a couple of minutes turn off the flame and put the bowl of wax above it and let it melt for a while.  

Add some essential oil into it and then stiffen the wick into the wax, let it dry in a straight position  

put the wick it in glass jar and slowly pour the melted wax into the jar. let the candle set for at least 24 hours to let the wax and essential oils mix, and here you go our homemade aroma candle is ready. 


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