Honey is a food made by honey bees and apart from being a bee’s food honey due to its antioxidant property honey helps in many different ways. 

Raw honey comes straight from a beehive. Some honey producers pass the substance through a rough filter to get rid of foreign matter, but it remains unprocessed food. Most of the honey sold in stores goes through a heating process to form it less sticky and easier to filter. 

High temperatures pasteurize honey and destroy yeast cells in it which will cause unwanted fermentation. 


honey with the goodness of antioxidants compounds helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. honey includes many organic acids and phenolic compounds like flavonoids, it also increases the antioxidant value of your blood and also promotes eye health. 

Apart from dealing with diabetes and blood pressure, honey also helps you to heal wounds and burns this treatment is called topical honey treatment which is used by Egyptians also, and today also people used honey to cure their wounds. according to studies it was found that honey is most effective at healing partial thickness burns and wounds, and after surgery wounds. 


Though honey doesn’t have any of the rich sources of nutrients, still some use it instead of sugar because honey is way more taster than sugar and its honey intake is less harmful to the body as compared to sugar. due to its antioxidant property honey protects our body from inflammation such as heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune disorders, adding honey to your diet helps to enhance antioxidant activity in the body. 

REVIVE FROM COUGH -honey is the best remedy to cure a cold and cough. further, you may use ginger honey syrup for any effective cure, in the study it was recommended for the children more than a year to give two tablespoons of honey before getting to the bed in the dark. 


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