Path of Exile ArchNemesis – the Eldritch Currencies

What are the Eldritch currencies and what to do with them?

With the Siege of the Atlas expansion comes the ArchNemesis League. With the new league, new items, challenges, and bosses are added to the game. Here’s what’s new with the ArchNemesis League, and what you can do about them. They’re the latest craze in the PoE market, and it would be to your advantage to know about them.

Eldritch Currencies

The Eldritch Horrors are threatening Wraeclast. As you explore the Atlas, you’ll find zones and maps influenced by either the Searing Exarch or the Eater of Worlds. These maps influence some of the new items as well as what drops from enemies.

If the Searing Exarch is the main influence, mobs will be more likely to drop Eldritch Embers. Those are powerful items that can add Eldritch implicit modifiers to your items. The new items Eldritch Chaos Orb, Eldritch Exalted Orb, and Eldritch Orb of Annulment have the following effects.

Eldritch Chaos Orbs would reroll a prefix

Eldritch Exalted Orbs would add a prefix

Eldritch Orbs of Annulment remove prefixes

On the flip side, if the Eater of Worlds is more dominant, the drop would be Eldritch Ichor instead. Similar to Embers, it’s a powerful item that adds Eldritch implicit modifiers as well. The Eldritch versions of some other currency will have these effects.

Eldritch Chaos Orbs would reroll a suffix

Eldritch Exalted Orbs would add a suffix

Eldritch Orbs of Annulment remove suffixes

This allows for greater control over what modifiers you can put onto your items. Of course, RNG still has a stranglehold on what modifiers will appear. At least, it wouldn’t give you a prefix if what you want is a suffix. 

More About the Eldritch Ichor and Embers

Eldritch implicit modifiers are new additions to the PoE crafting scene. They’re rather powerful, especially for the higher tiers. Both items have 5 kinds, Lesser, Greater, Grand, and Exceptional. These modifiers will replace any existing ones. They can also only be applied to armors, namely the gloves, boots, body armor, and helmets.

They might overwrite normal implicit modifiers, but it will leave Eldritch implicits of the other kind. In short, one modifier from both Embers and Ichor can coexist in one item. These can’t be used on Shaper, Elder, or Elderslayer-influenced items.

Now, the implicits from Eldritch Embers are more offensive, and the ones from Eldritch Ichor are more defensive or supportive. Embers will provide boosts to attack speed, increased elemental or physical damage, and damage multipliers. Ichor will provide spell suppression, increased evasion, or boost ailments you inflict on enemies. These are just a small sample of modifiers from these two big pools.

While those are the general trends, there are some defensive implicits from Embers and some offensive ones from Ichor. Take note that some of these have a condition. The possible conditions are having either a Unique Enemy or a Pinnacle Atlas Boss near you. This means that the modifiers will only take effect when fighting these kinds of enemies. Choose wisely which ones you want!

Now, you might be wondering where to get these great currencies for crafting. It depends on what tier you want to get. Lesser ones can be dropped by mobs. Greater and Grand ones need maps under the influence of the matching Eldritch Horror (Embers = Searing Exarch, Ichor = Eater of Worlds). Exceptional ones can only come from the Eldritch Horror themselves.


These currencies are shaking up the game, after some not-so-well-received decisions from GGG. Whether it’s the cause of the recent rise of the player population or not, it’s a welcome change from the recent disappointments. While it’s not very determinant, being able to control certain parts of the crafting process is good enough.

The RNG may be benevolent to a few, but the majority suffer from its stinginess. It’s one of the biggest complaints against the crafting system when the desired mods don’t even appear. They’d have to spend so much Exalted and/or Chaos Orbs on the PoE market just to make a passable piece of equipment.

That, along with additions to the story and a long-awaited Atlas rework are the most likely factors why there’s a surge of players. They could be new players or returning veterans, and they’re all enjoying the game again. And that’s all you need to know about all the new currencies in Siege of the Atlas and ArchNemesis. Have fun playing Path of Exile with the new expansion!

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