New World Housing Guide

Everything you need to know about New World Housing.

New World Housing Guide

New World’s housing system is one of the most important aspects of the game and is linked to the crafting system, which allows players to create furniture for their houses or sell it at the trading post. Fast travel and trophy enthusiasts are just two of the benefits that come with owning a home. In Aeternum’s New World, player dwellings may be located among the numerous communities to be explored and conquered. In spite of the fact that the town itself might be taken over by multiple groups and businesses, the players’ residences remain undisturbed.

Multiple people may buy and utilize the same home in New World, but they will only be able to access and administer their own iteration of it. If you want to bring a group of friends to your residence, you may do so by asking them to join your group.

Requirements for Buying a House in New World

A house in the New World may only be purchased if your character is 15 levels, has a Territory Standing of 10 in the region where you wish to buy a house, and has enough New World gold to acquire one. Simply go to a settlement and choose a home from the options on offer, which vary in style and features depending on their tier.

Tiers and benefits

Tiers Cost House fast travel cooldown Maximum number of furnitures allowed Maximum number of pets Maximum number of lights Territory standing required to purchase
1 5000 coins 4h 1 5 4 10
2 10000 coins 3h 2 6 6 15
3 15000 coins 2.5h 3 7 8 20
4 20000 coins 2h 4 8 10 30


For the first time, you’ll get a 50% discount on the purchase of a home in New World. As long as you have never owned a home previously, you are eligible for this discount. For your first home, you could save 10,000 coins and buy the 20,000-coin home, which is the biggest house in the game, for a significant discount. However, you would have to wait until you had a territorial standing of at least 30 in the area where you wanted to buy your first home before you could do that. This would mean that you would miss out on the benefits of fast travel and the like.

Benefits of housing in new world

  1. Apart from finally having a location to call home, you’ll also be able to utilize it as a recall point when fast traveling operates similarly to an inn.
  2. Various types of buffs may be obtained through acquiring Trophies, and these buffs can be displayed in different places around your house. Crafted from the Workshop Station if you have enough furnishing skill or purchased from the Trading Post with money.
  3. There are several ways to utilize your home as additional storage space. Make sure you have storage chests before you can use this function. You may either make one yourself at the Workshop station or purchase one from the Trading Post for a set price.
  4. You may also get advantages based on the settlement you reside in and which buffs the ruling company has chosen for you.

What you need to know about Property Tax

A Property Tax is in place in New World. Every week, you’ll have to fork up some money to keep the advantages of your home. Unless you pay this charge, you will lose all of the house’s auxiliary perks, such as trophies, additional storage, and rapid travel. Even if you don’t pay the Property Tax, you’ll still be the owner of your home.

It’s not difficult to figure out your property tax in the New World, thankfully. The interest rate you pay on your mortgage is based on the tier of your home. There is a 400-coin tax on Tier 1 homes and a 1,600 coin tax on Tier 4 homes. There are two ways to alter this rule:

  1. Discounts for being a “Territory Standing” member
  2. The settlement’s leaders

“Property Tax” is a Territory Standing card that cuts this tax by a significant amount. You may save 15% to 20% on this weekly tax by taking a handful of these cards.

Your settlement’s Property Tax rate may be changed by high-ranking members of the company, known as Governors. The property tax rate may be altered by governors in the range of 5-20 percent. In terms of tax rates, 5% is the lowest, 10% is intermediate, and 20% is the highest. Your tax rate will be 10% if no company owns or affects the settlement.

Trophy in New World Housing.

Trophies are a form of furniture that may be used to decorate your house in the New World. If you have a trophy that is active, it will offer you global buffs like New World items that will last for a long time.

  • Combat Trophies: Increase your damage bonus while battling opponents that match the current trophy category.
  • Crafting Trophies: When crafting things that belong to that trophy category, your minimum gear store will increase.
  • Gathering Trophies: Enhance your luck with the particular gathering skill associated with the current trophy.
  • Loot Luck Trophies: Loot Luck Trophies: Increase your odds of obtaining unique items from chests and monsters by giving you a boost while looting.


If you’ve concluded that you no longer want to live in your existing home, you might choose to abandon it. Buying several homes necessitates the payment of Property Tax. It’s important to buy New World gold to keep all of your properties in good working order. Last but not least, consider how much crafting you conduct in that area. To make the most of your space, buy a home in a place where you often keep your crafting supplies, like a city.


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