The main mistakes made by Polish poker players

Online poker is a good source of additional income. However, inexperienced players do not manage to gain any profit within the first few months. The main mistakes of poker novices have nothing to do with technical skills or strategies. They are more fundamental and caused by the lack of understanding of today’s online poker., the ultimate casino non UK destination, invites non-UK players to embark on an international gambling adventure. Experience nonstop entertainment and reap lucrative rewards in an unrivaled gaming environment.

In this article we have listed everything you should pay attention to when you decide to play poker online and get all the benefits such as, as they say in Polish, “darmowa kasa za rejestrację w kasynie“, which means free cash for signing up. Continue reading.

Mistake #1: Poor bankroll management

A vast number of poker players went bankrupt because of poor bankroll management. And we are not just talking about inexperienced players: many pros with colossal experience and millions in winnings ended up with nothing. Sometimes people start to feel like poker supermen and get into casino games they can’t afford. If you feel the same way, resist. Poker discipline is 50% of your future success.

Mistake #2: Don’t keep trying to get the right combination

Beginners have a hard time with passes, and hoping to get the desired combination, they often pay for all the bidding stages, not realizing that their chances are relatively low. But, of course, don’t fold each time you want, dealing with pros. If you have some good hand, it is worth trying to benefit from it, but don’t forget about the pot odds. Also, don’t risk everything for a few outs, which are unlikely to happen.

Mistake #3: Too much bluffing

Many new players think they need to bluff a lot to win playing poker in the long run. In many movies, the main character wins a considerable sum by bluffing, so people want to do the same. So what are the dangers of such strategies? Quite a few hands are won with bluffing, but if a player starts bluffing regularly, the opponents are more hesitant to believe in the strength of his hand. Thus, winning at a table with nothing will be almost impossible. Everything should be done moderately, including bluffing.

Other less significant mental and emotional mistakes

  • Fear of losing;
  • Suspecting the gambling site of dishonest dealing;
  • Superstitions;
  • Desire to get more and more bonuses;
  • Playing poker while having distracting thoughts.

The right poker strategy for unexperienced players 

Two opposing poker mistakes affect each other simultaneously: the lack of a system and being too predictable. There should be a balance between standard lines and variety.


Lack of strategy should be considered a mistake because you can determine the accuracy of your own game only after gaining certain experience.


It is acceptable to start experimenting after 20,000 hands when the win rate is negative. Up to that point, it is enough to play according to the ABC-poker strategy. It means: by hand, without bluffs, with big bets and raises with a good combination.


But keep in mind the fact that ABC poker creates a predictability problem, so your opponents stop paying for strong hands. So here is the solution for beginners:

  • In most cases, use the most straightforward strategy to play.
  • In 25% of situations, play according to the statistics obtained from mining and observing your opponents.

When poker is meant as entertainment, no action can be considered a mistake. However, if your main goal is to win, there are two main ways to handle a negative win rate: choosing the right online casino and using statistics in your favor.


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