How to prepare English for competitive exams: tips for students 

Competitive exams play an important role in the educational lives of students. To get admission in the dream colleges and courses or to grab the visionary job positions, competitive exam results matter a lot for learners. Clearing these exams with good scores and ranks demands effective preparation of all the sections and syllabus respectively. 

Many students keep preparing for qualitative and quantitative analysis and focus less on English language preparation. And this can affect the overall scores of students for sure. To crack the competitive exams, English studies and preparation are equally important. Let us discuss some tips that all students must follow in this regard.Hiring a good educational services company can benefit you greatly. Find out why, and what to look for in an education provider and attend our National Education Conferences.


English preparation tips for competitive exams 

  1. Practice comprehension passages 

In competitive exams, questions on comprehension passages are there. And hence students must practice for these types of passages. Develop a habit of first reading the passage carefully. After one time reading the passage, read the questions and then re-read the passage again. 

This will help students to understand the passage well and find accurate answers to the questions. Along with reference books, texts, students can also find comprehension passages for more practice on the internet, networking sites, and English educational apps. 

  1. Read more and more 

In competitive exams, there are no fixed words and vocabulary that one can memorize completely. And hence, students must focus on coming familiar with a variety of new words, phrases, idioms, synonyms, and more. All students, along with reading particular textbooks, must read and explore more content. Make newspaper reading your everyday habit. English newspapers will surely help students to understand more vocabulary, sentence formation, and grammar skills. 

  1. Refer to the proper textbook for grammar 

For competitive exams preparation, there are several books and guides available in the market. But not every book is effective and valuable. And hence, students must refer to the right reference book which has the most appropriate content. Check whether the book and study material you are going to use have the right and official exam syllabus.

 Also, check that the textbook must have enough grammar exercises to solve and practice for better understanding and English preparation. If you don’t find the right textbook, you can use online teaching sites to download ebooks and the right study material. The main grammar topics to prepare are mentioned below: 

  • Active and passive voice 
  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Editing and omission 
  • Tenses 
  • Prepositions, conjunction, articles, adjectives, etc. 


  1. Solve mock papers 

The best way to prepare well for the English language for clearing competitive exams is by solving mock papers. Previous year’s question papers and mock tests are very helpful for the learners. It will help students to get how much they know and what more needs to be done for improvement.

 Also, by solving several such papers, students get to know what all questions are asked repetitively in exams. This way, students can focus on the main topics better. Also with solving mock papers, the time management skills of learners are enhanced. They learn how to divide the time and attempt a maximum number of questions in the given time. 

  1. Make notes 

Note-making is very helpful to understand and comprehend well. Since for competitive exam preparation, students use several study materials, referring to the topics at different places becomes difficult to do. But preparing notes can make students prepare English for the competitive exams much better. This will help students to make learning more systematic and approachable for learners. 

  1. Build your vocabulary knowledge

In competitive exams, you will surely get a variety of questions on synonyms, antonyms, phrases, and idioms. And for this, students should be well aware of a variety of words and their meanings. And hence all learners must focus on building their vocabulary knowledge. The following steps will help students in this regard. 

  • Focus on reading more content.  
  • While reading, underline and highlight the words you find new. 
  • Maintain a separate notebook where you can note all the new vocabulary words. And use the same for revisions. 
  • Take online quizzes to check your vocabulary knowledge. 



As you focus on maths, general knowledge, and reasoning abilities for clearing the competitive exams, similarly focus on the English language too. All exam syllabi need to be prepared thoroughly. To prepare well for the English syllabus, the above-mentioned tips will surely help students. Reading, building vocabulary, solving mock papers, practicing English comprehension, and note-making are the tips that will help students to prepare and score well in the English section of competitive exams. 

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