Features of a smart lock security system for your house or office

Features of a smart lock security system for your house or office

If you are searching for the best and top benefits of using smart locks, you are reading the perfect blog or an article.

Before we move to the benefits of a smart lock system over a traditional lock system, first we should understand how smart locks work. There are plenty of apartments for rent in Bellaire that are perfect and just need a little  improvement.

In this digital world, everyone must be carrying a smartphone, when we say smart means it has something to understand and it depends on Slotenmaker Dilbeek the internet and uses wi-fi or Bluetooth functionality. 

In the same way, a smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device that lets customers leave their house or office keys, and doors can be locked and unlocked with the tap of a finger or other biometric or door can be opened with simple voice management. Smart locks are also enabled with a remote access facility that enables and create the facility to unlock the door and allow guests to let in your house or office while you’re at no required location.

Monitored alarm system uk can help prevent fires in your home by detecting smoke and automatically turning off the power to the alarm system.

Smart locks are a somewhat new and evolving technology. Depending on the need for security, some customers rely on fingerprint impressions, some nay want to let the look open with eyes or some may wish to have with the number system and some classes of customers would like to control remotely.


A secured way has been created with the help of Smart locks for offices and houses and gives a security experience with customization attributes and functionality created to provide you command over what happens to your home or office area. Smart locks are way ahead wrt ordinary and traditional locking devices.


Many smart locks are enabled with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which improves the capacity to use remote features.

Note: Connections issues may be there and it depends on the distance ad Bluetooth connectivity may be hampered with distance.

Now you must be curious to know what a smart lock can do, right? Some useful features of smart locks are described for better understanding.


  1. Ability to control remotely via mobile app: Many times it is seen that we wanted something but reachability at the required time becomes an issue and we are desperate to have something to be done. I will try to let you understand that with the help of team viewer or some other renowned software we can control our laptops or computers and required thing can be done with some expert who is needed to perform the activity. Distance will never matter in that case, it can be controlled wherever you are in the world. In the same way, most smart home locks have iOS and Android apps that permit you to handle the lock remotely from your mobile device, monitor entrances while leaving and give you an alert to any activity.
  2. Real-time monitoring through wi-fi connectivity: If you want to have a real-time database or logs for entry and exit, that can also be done with the help of smart locks as they are enabled with wi-fi connectivity and can keep all required logs as to who has come and left your home or office and at what time entry and exit activity has been done accurately. This is an important and demanded feature for parents who don’t stay at home and wanted to track the kid’s activity and wanted to make sure that they have arrived home safely from school.
  3. Keyless Entry: There are many options enabled in most smartphones, Biometric access is one of the most used features that make you let in your house or office voice commands, touch or fingerprint recognition etc. Home and office can be unlocked if you have a smartphone with you. As described above remote access for unlocking with your smartphone is also a useful feature of smart locks. Sometimes security numbers are also used to let your guest enter your home.
  4. Visiting codes: One can set permanent and temporarily codes for the guest or an electrical or some other person based on the trust they have in them. Different codes can be assigned to family members too.
  5. Auto Locking feature. Many times it is observed or seen that you have forgotten to lock your office or your house. In such a situation you might be rushed back to the destination and then lock the facility or property. This could have been avoided if you had installed a good smart lock as they lock the property within the predefined time and you don’t need to worry and can be assured that your property is locked and secured.
  6. Alert Mechanism: This is a phenomenal feature that smart locks carry, it generates and send an instant alarm and you will receive a notification in case someone tries to break or temper it. It also has a feature that a notification can be sent to a nearby police station if someone tries to break your smart lock.
  7. Synchronisation with smart office or smart home: In this fast-moving digital world, smartphones, smart TV, smart light, smart fan and so on and at last smart home. The smart lock can be synced with a lights fan etc, and let people allow and people can set lights fan when doors are locked or unlocked. Suppose you have locked the house but forgot to turn off the light fan tv etc, in that case, if you would have synced with smart locked, then all smart synced devices could have been automatically turned off.


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