A Career in Data Science

One of the hottest topics these days among skilled professionals and organizations is Data and Data Science. Data is a source for every organization, but it needs to be handled and processed efficiently. That’s why every company and organization is looking for a data scientist. These valuable data are used to be accessed and processed to get business insights. This processing data needs to be fit in the business and the current state of big data. Hence the data science field is booming in every IT, software, finance and many more fields. Data science comes with more advanced tools to work in large volumes from different sectors such as financial logs, multimedia files, marketing forms, sensors and instruments, and text files. 

In India, the data science field has been raising its bar at an unpredictable rate creating huge requirements and demand in various sectors. Various private educational institutes offer online and offline courses for students and working professionals. You can find various types of data science courses in India. Even engineering colleges also offer various programs in data science courses for their students and working professionals. There are various online courses for engineering students in data science available from top universities of India and abroad. 

There are plenty of data science courses available in India. You can find various online courses for engineering students in the data science field after their graduation. 

  • Executive PG Programme in Data Science
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Data Science
  • Advanced Programme in Data Science
  • B.Tech (Computer Science) with Data Science (Graduation course)
  • M. Tech in data science. 

Who can learn in Data science: 

Data science covers various things and subjects. Data management, statistics, data visualisation, machine learning. Data science is defined as the study of data, from where it comes, what it represents, and how we can implement it into business and resources to create business and IT strategies. It is assumed that data science is only for computer science students or programming professionals. Data science requires analytical thinking, problem-solving ability. Yes, it helps engineering students on an easy level in terms of programming or using high-level software. A person or student who comes from another department of engineering like mechanical or chemical engineering can also take part in these courses. 

Career opportunities: 

You can build your career in an exciting field where you will get to learn new things every day. A data scientist is one of the top-ranking professional’s in the analytical organization. This is one of the highest-paid jobs on the globe. In the current situation, data scientists are in demand as you need to understand the business problem, design a data analysis strategy, and make recommendations backed by data. Organizations are paying based on the driving factor of the power of big data and smart business decisions. 

Job Titles: 

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist 
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Database Engineer

Job Skills:

  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning

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