Why Small Breeds of Dog Like the Brussels Griffon Are Great

Why Small Breeds of Dog Like the Brussels Griffon Are Great


Choosing a dog to adopt can be really… Complicated. If you are a dog lover like me, the fact that you need to choose from a great list of options might be a very difficult thing to do. If it were for me, I would adopt them all, but I know for sure that that is not an option.


If you are going through your first adoption, you might be struggling about what type of dog to get, what breed suits you the most, which options are best for you, the place you are living at, and you might even be worrying about whether to adopt a senior dog, a young one.


How to Approach the Adventure


Generally, all dogs have their own individual traits that make them unique, but the breed and age of the dog can also play an important role in their personality and needs. 


Senior dogs tend to require less exercise and be more laid down but are much more prompt to suffering from diseases and inflammatory problems because of their age, and might also need more care. Younger dogs are much healthier but require more exercise and attention, as well as more food and baths.


To properly adopt a dog for the first time, you should be honest with yourself and assess your situation and expectations. What type of dog do you want and why? Do you have other dogs to worry about? Do you want a family-oriented pet or one for you to enjoy by yourself? Is exercising something you are looking for or just want a pet that doesn’t need as much physical activity?


If you can answer these questions, the whole adopting process will be much simpler, but if you are interested in a particular breed of dog like the Brussels Griffon, or you are just interested in adopting a specific type of dog, researching is important. For example, there are many Brussels griffon characteristics you should be aware of if you are interested in this particular breed, and the same applies to all other breeds, regardless of their size and age.


Ideally, you should research all the breeds available at your disposal through the shelters of your choice before deciding which one is more suitable for your circumstances, but if you are interested in a specific group, knowing more about them will let you know whether you will be capable of dealing with them or not.


In this article, we will mainly focus on small breeds of dogs, and talk about their pros (and cons) for those who are interested in adopting small dogs, and we will showcase some of the most popular breeds and their characteristics.


First of All, Why Adopt a Small Dog?


Let’s begin by saying that, in general, having a pet can provide a great number of benefits, especially for people who are struggling with mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


During 2020, mental health problems were on the rise because of how COVID-19 and the lockdown affected people’s lives. Loneliness and depression have never been as present as those times, and specialists did recommend various things to ensure people remained healthy while being quarantined.


Things like exercising on a regular basis, practicing meditation and mindfulness, engaging in hobbies like reading, gardening, jogging whenever possible, and journaling, and of course, adopting a pet, were some of the things professionals recommended people to try to improve their mental health. As showcased at https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/p/pets-and-mental-health, adopting a dog can provide a lot of health benefits, both mental and physical. 


They are especially recommended for people who are struggling with depression and loneliness, but smaller dogs might be better at providing company.


Smaller Dogs Are Great for Lonely People


When it comes to large dogs, they can be great for providing a lot of exercise, but small breeds of dogs are particularly unique when it comes to providing company and love, just because they tend to be needier and require more attention, which makes people struggling with depression and loneliness, feel the need to protect them and provide them happy lives. 


This grants them a sense of duty, a duty that they need to fulfill to ensure that their little companions are happy and healthy. For some people, the sole idea of owning a small pet can change their lives completely!


On the other hand, small dogs do require a certain level of companionship, since they need more attention from their owners and socialize more. Ideally speaking, you should be able to provide them with the attention they need, or if not, have two pets so they can keep themselves company while you are not around.


The great thing about small dogs is that taking them on a walk or taking them with you on a trip is much more doable, so you won’t have to worry much about them if you decide to go on a trip. 


Some Considerations


There are multiple breeds of small dogs out there. As you might have guessed, each one has its own unique traits and features, so you might want to check some of the options to decide which one is more suitable for you. 


If you are unable to exercise on a regular basis, going for a Brussel Griffon might not be recommended, just because they are very energetic and require a lot of exercises. The Basset Hound, on the other hand, is very quiet and calm, and although they need regular walks, they don’t actually need to engage in intense physical activities to remain healthy. Because of their calm behavior, going for a walk with a Basset Hound is manageable as well!


If you are interested in more small breeds, you should definitely check this article for more detailed information on the matter. 

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