What makes Ruskin Bond Books Unique?

What makes Ruskin Bond Books Unique?

Who doesn’t know of Ruskin Bond? Ruskin Bond is one of the most famous authors of children’s books. An iconic Indian writer, his extremely enjoyable style of writing has made books written by Ruskin Bond a huge hit all across the world. From The Blue Umbrella to The Cherry tree, Ruskin Bond books are famous and much sought after amongst children. So what makes Ruskin Bond books unique? Let’s take a look. best book recommendations


Stories are something that every child likes to listen to or read themselves. Those who have grown up reading Ruskin Bond’s famous books will be well aware that the author employs a very simple style of writing. Some of Ruskin Bond’s best books are the perfect escape from our real world into a world of nature and the supernatural. The unique combination of Ruskin Bond’s tales of innocence and experiences based in natural settings has been a hit with children for the last so many decades. In fact, the author enjoyed his childhood so much that most of the Ruskin Bond books for kids are based on his own happy childhood. 


The uniqueness of Bond’s writing also stems from his own love for children. In an interview, Ruskin Bond once said that he likes children for their open-mindedness, emotional behavior, and brute honesty. The lack of deception in children, the love of freedom, and the curiosity to know about their surroundings are some of the reasons why Ruskin Bond pays such close attention to the children’s worlds depicted in his storybooks.


In most of the Ruskin Bond books for kids, we will find the rich and poor, small and old, and all other characters being portrayed in great detail about their respective way of living. There is a ‘human’ factor well presented in all the books written by Ruskin Bond that is lacking in other books today. It is this simple connect to human and nature that set apart Ruskin Bond’s writing style from other authors. 


Similarly, Ruskin Bond has strived to encourage young and aspiring writers to stick to a simple style of writing that can instantly connect with the common population. He discourages writers from making the readers work hard at understanding what the author is trying to communicate. 


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Writing Classes with Ruskin Bond 

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