What To Know About Courier Work

Wondering what working as a courier is like? Many people have recently considered working as a courierbecause it can be a great way to earn either as a full-time gig or a side hustle. Unlike many jobs, courier work can be quick and easy to start, and you can even be your own boss. With so many deliveries made daily, there can be a lot of money to make as a courier, too. Like any job, there are pros and cons to this role. This post will look at what you should know about working as a courier so that you can make a decision and know what to expect.

It Can Be Demanding

First, you need to be prepared for the fact that courier work is demanding. You can pick and choose the work that you take on, but you will find yourself working to tight deadlines. Additionally, courier work can be physically demanding as the job will involve a lot of lifting and carrying boxes, so you need to make sure you are prepared for that.

There Is A Lot Of Work Available

As mentioned in the intro, there is a lot of work out there for couriers. This is a huge plus as it means you can always find jobs and make good money if you put in the effort. One of the best ways to find courier jobs is to use a job board. You can use a courier job finder at Shiply, a load board updated with thousands of new jobs daily. You can browse or search for suitable jobs and then enter a quote. If you are accepted, everything you need to know is emailed to you, and you can get to work.

You Must Be A Confident & Capable Driver

As a courier, you will spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Therefore, if you are an anxious driver, this might not be a role suited to you. You must feel confident behind the wheel and are a capable driver, particularly as you will often be working to tight deadlines and visiting new places. If you are not entirely confident in your skills but are interested in courier work, you might find it beneficial to take a driver course that can build your skills and confidence.

You Need To Keep Your Car Well Maintained

You also need to know how to keep your automobile properly maintained. You will be covering many miles each day, and an issue with the car could derail your schedule and frustrate your customers. Regular maintenance will keep the vehicle in the best condition, which should help you avoid issues and prolong the life of your vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is serviced regularly and that any small issues are addressed before they become bigger problems.

Safety Must Be A Priority

You will want to complete deliveries as quickly as possible to make as much money as possible, but safety must be your main priority. As you will be spending a lot of time driving and working to tight deadlines, you might find yourself rushing and making decisions that are not the safest. Make sure that you always prioritize safety and avoid taking on so much work that you will find it hard to drive safely to get everything done.

Reliability Is Key

There are many positive attributes that a courier needs to have to excel, but none are more important than reliability. Clients will be relying on you to complete deliveries on time, and failure to do this will make it hard to find ongoing work and will damage your reputation. This is why you must be dependable and only take on as much work as you are able to complete each day. A common mistake new couriers make is to take on too much work to maximize daily earnings – this will lead to rushing around (which can be dangerous), late deliveries, and exhaustion.

Adaptability Is Important

Another important attribute to have is adaptability. You need to think on your feet, as things will not always go according to plan, so you might need to make changes and quick decisions. For example, you might find that an accident means you have to find a new route to reach your destination on time.

You Need Strong Communication Skills

It is true that most of the time, you will be working independently as a courier traveling from A to B, but you will have key interactions with clients and recipients of packages. This is why strong communication skillsare important – and often overlooked – in this role. You must provide important updates, be friendly yet professional, and swiftly resolve any issues. This can lead to ongoing client work and help you obtain positive reviews (these will be key for attracting new customers).

You Get To Be Outside & Explore Each Day

If you are someone who does not enjoy the 9-5 office lifestyle, then courier work could be ideal. Courier work involves spending a lot of time outdoors and traveling to new places daily so that it can be varied, fun, and rewarding. This is one of the biggest perks of the job, especially for someone looking to escape the regular 9-5 lifestyle.

Tech Can Assist In Many Ways

These days, tech can make a huge difference to your daily work. This is why you must try to keep up with the latest tech trends and developments. A few technologies that you will want to utilize include:

Route planning apps
Electric vehicles
Barcode scanners
Car safety features
Dash cams
Messaging services
Data analytics


These are the main things that anyone thinking about starting work as a courier should be aware of. There are pros and cons, like most jobs, but many people find that the pros outweigh the cons as it can be an enjoyable way to earn with the potential to make good money.

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