The Ultimate Winter Coat Care Guide for Women 

The Ultimate Winter Coat Care Guide for Women 

The winter months have started rolling on again. It is time to get classic winter coats for ladies out again. Whether you are taking your old favorite out of closet hibernation or you wish to invest in a new style of winter coat fashion, your winter coat indeed deserves some care & maintenance to see you through the cold. 

A good quality of winter coat will see you through winters year after year. However, as you take proper care of the winter coats in your wardrobe, they could last for several years on a row. Instructions for proper care and maintenance can be sometimes confusing for most coat owners. Therefore, we aim at making the process of caring for your winter coats easier and seamless with our guide. 

How to Take Care of Your Winter Coats? 

In a tropical country like India, woolies usually emerge out of storage almost after 7-8 months. Therefore, you need to invest in more in-depth care of classic winter jackets to help them retain their luster and charm throughout. Some important tips are: 

#Wash Carefully 

Woolen coats are prone to catching ample lint throughout their lives. You should aim at getting rid of the lint with the help of a dedicated coat brush or a lint remover. It turns out to be an effective solution. As you brush your coat properly, it also helps in eliminating dry dirt and dust off the coat. It is recommended to follow wash and care guidance that are available with the attire. 

Most jackets and coats for women should be dry cleaned. However, if you are searching for a cost-effective alternative, you can wash the coat by simply dipping it cold water with a shampoo or a mild cleaning detergent. Avoid using scalding water or bleach on woolen items. Mild detergents will work wonder for your woolen attire. You should aim at removing spills and stains with the help of a soft damp cloth.  

#Ensure Proper Storage 

Before you pack your woolen coats for the summer season again, ensure that they are washed property to get rid of bacteria that usually thrive on food particles and sweat. Before storing your jackets or coats, you should go ahead with emptying all the pockets of the coat after wearing them every time. It will prevent sagging of the coats -ultimately leading them to lose the overall shape.  

Store the coat in a cool and dry place with the help of Silica gel sachets when the coat is not in use. Coat covers are also relevant. It is always recommended to store your valuable jackets and coats as they help in protecting the coats from moisture and dirt and unrequired manhandling. The coats and jackets for winter are capable of lasting for around 10-15 years when maintained cautiously.  

#Get Rid of Wrinkles 

As you start holiday packaging, when the winter coats and jackets will emerge from the hiding places in storage boxes and wardrobes, they get wrinkled up and mushed up eventually. Indeed, you would not like to walk out of the house with the unpresentable creases. Simply straighten up your jacket and allow it to hand up for several days. Otherwise, you can think of wearing the coats few times before you wear the same outdoors or pack up the same for your next vacation.  

You can also think of rolling up your garment and placing the same under the mattress. As you take it out within an hour or so, your jacket should be free from wrinkles. 

#Cleaning Your Down Coat 

While it is possible to clean your down coat at home, it will take special care if you have doubts taking the same to a professional cleaner. A top-loading washing machine will end up damaging the down jacket. Therefore, it is recommended to only launder your coat at home if you have a front-loading machine. For home-based laundering, you are expected to take care of the following steps: 

  • Make use of the cleaner that is specifically designed for down outerwear 
  • Ensure that your washing machine does not have any residual fabric softener or cloth detergent that is capable of damaging strips or feathers from fabric 
  • Remove all dirt and dust, zip up the coat, and turn it upside down 
  • Make use of the right amount of cleaning detergent while setting the wash cycle to delicate or cold  
  • Avoid air-drying as feathers can end up clumping together and smelling poorly when left for too long 
  • Make use of the rinse cycle around 2-3 times to remove all detergent from the fabric 


Winters are the time of warmth and happiness. Irrespective of the cold outside, you can feel warm and comfortable in your snuggly pair of the best women’s winter coats or jackets. 


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