Learn More about Scholarships Offered in Australia

Learn More about Scholarships Offered in Australia

Studying abroad is the dream of many people. Whether for a degree, to continue academic life with a postgraduate degree or to improve your knowledge in a language, studying abroad is an experience that greatly values the curriculum and can be a differential in the construction of professional life.

However, it is not always possible to have the necessary money for this undertaking. And that’s where scholarships come in. In this post, we are going to answer some questions about scholarships offered in Australia. Maybe this is your next destination? Read on and learn more!

What types of scholarships are offered in Australia?

There are a considerable number of Australian educational programs and institutions that offer scholarships for foreigners in technical, undergraduate, postgraduate, masters and doctoral courses.

Many universities in Australia offer partial or full scholarships, depending on the course and area. To compete for the benefits of any of these programs, the first step is to have the institution’s acceptance. Applying without the institution’s acceptance invalidates the process.

Check out some options below and find out which one best suits your intentions:

Postgraduate Scholarship

It is the modality for those who wish to pursue a postgraduate, masters or doctorate course entirely in Australia, and it can last up to two years for postgraduate and masters courses and up to four years for a doctorate.

Research Fellowship

This modality works as a short-term research grant – a maximum of six months -, which serves as a complement to those who are already doing a master’s or doctorate in their country of origin. These are the programs known as “sandwich master” or “sandwich doctorateā€¯ in which the student does only part of his/her studies/research outside of his/her country. But for this type of program it is necessary that there is collaboration between universities.

Vocational Education and Training Scholarship

Modality aimed at technical or professional courses, lasting up to two years. These are courses aimed at training professionals for the job market, that is, if your intention is to stand out even more as a professional, learning in a practical way, this is a good option. This scholarship is offered exclusively by the Australian Government’s Endeavor program and one of the requirements is that the student must have a university degree.

What are the criteria for applying?

In addition to the basic personal documentation required for travel, the scholarship applicant must present a certificate of English language proficiency – which may vary from institution to institution, but the most accepted are the TOEFL IBT or ACADEMIC IELTS. If the candidate has studied for at least one year in an English-speaking country, it is worth confirming with the Australian institution that this certification is accepted as proof of language proficiency.

And, of course, the applicant must have a letter of acceptance from an Australian institution that offers scholarships and participates in Australian government scholarship programs. Applications are usually annual, so plan ahead so that you have complete documentation on hand when the scholarship application date arrives.

If you have considered taking up residence in Australia through one of these programs, be aware: sometimes, the rule is that the scholarship holder returns to the country of origin within a maximum of two years after the end of the course. If the student fails to do so, he may be penalized and have to refund all the amounts he received during the scholarship. Always check the legislation and read all documentation regarding the chosen program and the type of scholarship.

Australian Government Scholarship Programs

In addition to the scholarship programs offered by universities, the Australian Government also offers some programs.

Endeavor Scholarships & Fellowships

It is the largest and best known Australian government scholarship program. Scholarship offers vary depending on the number of interested parties eligible for the benefit and applications are usually annual.

Scholarships are for postgraduate, master’s, doctoral and technical courses. These scholarships are open to students from all over the world and that is why they are very competitive.

IPRS – International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

These are scholarships focused on research courses open to international students from all countries and cover a period of two years for a Masters or three years for a Doctorate. The scholarship covers tuition and health insurance costs for students and covers health insurance for their dependents.

Application for this scholarship program is made through the university.

What do the scholarships cover?

Most scholarship programs for research courses cover all student costs, from airline tickets to living in the country, so that the scholarship holder can dedicate himself exclusively to studies and research. But there are many scholarship programs that shouldn’t be discarded, which are the partial scholarships offered by universities for undergraduate and postgraduate courses that can enable you to go to study in Australia.

It is worth emphasizing that the candidate must be informed about every detail of the program he has chosen, as some may prohibit the student from working, for example, or even require exclusive dedication.

The processes for applying for scholarships can be complex and a little bureaucratic, so it is worth reading the regulations, legislation and FAQs available on the websites of each program and each university. The more information you have at hand, the less chance there is for the application to contain an error and you end up losing your chance of a vacancy.

Once they have been delivered, the forms cannot be corrected, and documents sent separately are not accepted. Therefore, review absolutely everything before submitting your application.

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