What Is the Ideal Time to Complete the IBPS PO Syllabus

The IBPS PO (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Probationary Officers) exam is one of the most significant and challenging exams conducted. Lakhs of students register for this exam to secure a job in the banking sector, but an exam like IBPS PO requires commitment, motivation, and comprehensive knowledge of the topic-wise syllabus. 

The ideal amount of time that applicants should put into studying for the IBPS PO is subjective and depends on each student’s study skills. This can vary from 2 months to 9 months. However, by following a well-articulated IBPS PO preparation strategy that emphasizes a productive schedule, banking aspirants can prepare for the prestigious exam in as little time as possible. 

To complete the IBPS PO syllabus for the Prelims and Mains in 3 months, it is critical to devise a sound approach. This article explains some useful tips that will help applicants prepare for the IBPS PO in just a few months. BYJU’S Exam Prep is a great source to assist you in preparation for the exam in the ideal time. 

Tips to Complete IBPS PO Syllabus for Prelims & Mains Exam

To complete the syllabus for the IBPS PO exam in the ideal time, here are some tips that you can follow. 

For IBPS PO Prelims:

  • English: Begin by reading something you enjoy, like novels or short tales. Then begin reading any newspaper, such as the Hindu daily. Skim through the editorials to get a sense of what’s going on.

    If you are new to reading, you will not see the result right away. But with regular practice, you will eventually get the hang of it. It will greatly assist you in the Mains, where your comprehension abilities will be tested, as well as in the interview.
  • Quantitative: For quant, students must enhance their basic calculation speed and become familiar with many arithmetic concepts. So, go through any book and study the arithmetic section, and strive to increase your computation speed on a daily basis. You can use the arithmetic.zetamac site for calculations, or simply jot down any number on a copy and perform it yourself.
  • Reasoning: Reasoning is the process of attempting to learn how to solve various types of riddles. After that, it’s just a matter of practicing.

Mocks and analysis are the most crucial aspects of passing any exam. It offers you an idea of how to approach the exam questions. Most importantly, you can use mock exam results as a gauge of your level of preparedness. 

After each one-hour mock, devote a significant amount of time to its analysis, as giving mocks without analyzing or working on them is a waste of time. Give at least 20 mocks before the prelims and thoroughly examine them, and you’ll breeze through the prelims.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t receive good grades; instead, strive to analyze your mistakes to improve your scores. Questions that take longer to answer should be practiced daily so that they require less time in subsequent mocks. 

For IBPS Mains: 

This is the most essential phase of the IBPS PO exam, as it carries the most weight and determines whether or not you will be picked or assigned to your favourite bank.


  • GK: The most significant topic in the Mains phase is GK and English. It’s all about sticking to any source you’re familiar with and revising it several times.
  • Descriptive questions: Learn about the structure and format of an essay and a letter from any source and practice it after giving regular mocks. Maintaining a good typing speed is essential.

It is difficult to be shortlisted as a PO at one of the IBPS branches. Discipline, a strong desire to achieve goals, and a greater comprehension of the courses that make up the IBPS PO syllabus are all required.

The trick to getting a good score on the IBPS PO exam is to study the syllabus and solve practice tests every day. BYJU’s Exam Prep has IBPS PO mock tests in Hindi and English to help you ace the banking exam in 3 months.

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