Manchester City linked to Toni Kroos

Bookmakers’ reviews including betting sites that accept Google pay among other payment options as well as transfer news are pet topics for sports betting experts at Mightytips. It is that time again when the transfer news is ruling the airwaves. Of these transfers, Toni Kroos possible move has been the most prominent.

There are reports that the Real Madrid midfielder may be headed to Manchester City. In other quarters it has been said that Liverpool is interested too. The thirty-one years old German international is one of the best midfielders in Europe, and it will be interesting how things fold up during the January transfer window.

Transfer rumors

If the rumors about Toni Kroos switching to Manchester City jersey are true, then we can all conclude that team’s boss Pep Guardiola, is keen on improving his central midfield, a department that has been seen to struggle and perhaps could be standing on the way of the club’s successful defense of the premier league title.

If you have been reading the comprehensive reports and analysis on sports betting written by Mightytips, you may have discovered that Manchester City had a rough start this season, with the midfield being one of the areas that might have led to dismal performance in the early days of this season. Mightytips also offers a comprehensive review of bookmakers where various topics are covered including betting sites that accept Google Pay among other payment methods. You can also find the club’s profile including information on who owns Manchester City.

Toni Kroos profile

Toni Kroos was born on 4th January 1990. The German footballer is mainly a central midfielder, although he has also been deployed as a deep-lying player. The player is known for his great vision, accurate passes, field creativity, crossing, and set-piece capability. He started his football career at Bayern Munich; a club which he felt was not fully utilized.

This prompted him to opt for a loan transfer to Bayern Leverkusen, a place where he was regarded as the main contributor. He was later to return to his first club where he achieved the following:

  • Won  two Bundesliga titles 
  • Reached  Champion League finals and won the tournament 
  • Bagged two DFB Pokal tournaments. 

It is also while he was at Bayern’s side that he was voted into the league team three times. In 2014 he left Bayern Munich for Real Madrid in a transfer that was worth twenty-five million euros. His winning streak continued in his new club where the player is associated with thirteen trophies including two La Liga and three Champion League titles.

Toni Kroos has also won the Golden Player title as well as finishing as a top scorer in several tournaments including the 2007 FIFA under-17 World Cup. Although he retired from the international assignments, the midfielder is an asset to any club that he plays for. Going by the sentiments of Former Germany national team manager, Joachim Low, Toni Kroos is very good at ball distribution.

The manager hailed him for the way he receives the ball and makes accurate passes. His technical excellence made the manager happy. This is what he will be taking to his new team. He will be very instrumental as his prospective team plays in the upcoming Tottenham Manchester city as well as in the Chelsea vs Manchester city matches. These are some of the tough matches that Pep Guardiola’s team will be playing. A strong midfield may secure the team a win, helping them to extend their lead in the premier league and increasing the chances of defending the title.

Tottenham Manchester City match will be coming on 22nd February 2022 while the Chelsea vs Manchester game will be played on January 15th, 2022. If Toni Kroos will be wearing a Manchester City jersey the game is expected to be very different from what was seen during the first Manchester vs Chelsea match where Ped Guardiola’s side carried the day through beating Chelsea 1-0.

Agent denies transfer rumors 

While media is full of move news, one of the most prominent during the January transfer window, the player’s agent Florian Plenttenberg has denied any knowledge of it. The agent has been quoted saying that Kroos has not indicated any interest in leaving Real Madrid. “He has not told me physically and neither had he made any phone call indicating that he wants to leave his current club.

His interest is to end his career at the current team,” said his agent when he was approached to comment on the much-said transfer. Going by this, we may conclude that the player is not moving anytime soon but given that we have had cases where everybody has denied a pending move only for news to break in the last minute that a certain player has moved. The news of a pending Kroos transfer may likely be true only that the agent does not want to be quoted as this may jeopardize the negotiations if they are currently ongoing. It is only a matter of days before the whole truth is known.

While commenting on the Toni Kroos transfer rumors Real Madrid supremo said the player’s move to Real Madrid was a transfer of the century. This is an indication that the team is not contemplating releasing him. They see him as an important part of the Real Madrid family and they would continue holding him as his assignment is not yet complete. If you have been following on the transfer news you will remember that Kroos was said to have been headed to Manchester United but he ultimately chose Real Madrid.

With time, we will get the complete picture of whether Toni Kroos will be switching to Manchester City jersey. We will also get to know whether his purported new club will describe the move as the transfer of century. These types of analysis, as well as tips on sports betting, can be found at Mightytips, the home of credible and reliable information including a review on betting sites that accept Google Pay.

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