Important Sports Betting Terms To Know To Bet In Singapore Online Casino

It’s important to understand the language of sports betting, particularly when you’re new to it. While there are a lot of terms and concepts that you may not be familiar with, knowing what they mean will help you understand the sports betting environment and make informed Singapore sports bet decisions when betting in casino Singapore online such as

Many of the sports betting terms and concepts are often confusing to novices and newcomers. The following is a sports betting glossary that should help you get started. 

Sports Betting Terms To Know

  • Action: An action refers to a bet placed.  
  • Point spread: In sports betting, the point spread is the difference between two sides of a game. You can use a point-spread to determine the odds for both teams. 
  • Moneyline: Another common term in sports betting is the moneyline. It means that a team that is favored to win by a certain number (called the spread) will beat the underdog.  
  • Against the spread: It is the game outcome, which also includes the point spread. 
  • Underdog: An underdog is a team that is considered a long shot. Usually, this team is expected to lose. However, if an underdog wins instead, this is considered as an upset. 
  • Favorite: A favorite is a team that has a greater chance of winning than the underdog. A favorite is a bet that has a minus sign. A favorite is a team that is considered a favorite. Payouts are usually worse since the team is more likely to win. 
  • Cover: Cover in sports betting refers to the betting outcome of the point spread bet. A favorite team needs to win points more than the point spread, whereas the underdog can win the game or lose less than the spread. 
  • Handicapping: This refers to the research on sports statistics to select the game winners. 
  • Teaser bet: A teaser bet allows you to adjust the point spread or total, without risking your money. However, this type of bet has a lower payout. 
  • Future bet: This is a bet placed on the future outcome of the event, such as betting on who will win a particular championship or division. 
  • Push or Tie: Tie in sports betting refers to the situation where no money is lost nor won in a wager. In case of a tie, the underdog can cover the spread by winning the game. A push also occurs when the favorite team is losing a bet, but the bet loses nothing.  
  • Proposition bet: A proposition bet, also known as a prop bet, is a bet on something other than the outcome. The prop bet could be on the time of the national anthem or the first player to score in the game, for example.  
  • Grand Salami bet: The Grand Salami betting type is a total bet placed on all games in a league. This bet is usually seen for NHL and MLB betting. 
  • Over: This refers to the combined score that is more than what is set by the sportsbook. 
  • Under: Opposite to Over, this refers to the combined score than is lower than what is set by the sports bookmaker. 
  • Total bet (Over/Under): This is a wager placed on the total points of the game. This works by betting on the outcome whether the total points of both teams will exceed or go under the set amount. 
  • In-game wagers: Bets that are placed after the game or match has started. 
  • Key number: A key number refers to the average margin of defeat in a sport. 
  • Handle: Handle is the total amount of money wagered on a match during a certain period. 
  • Dead-heat bet: A dead-heat is a bet that is placed on a team that is not favored by the majority of people. 
  • Tout: A tout in sports betting is a person who makes money by selling picks by themselves usually. It is advisable to bet sports with reputable bookmakers as these sports betting touts usually do not have consistent winning records.


In sports betting, there are a variety of terms that you should be familiar with. If you’re new to sports betting, a glossary can help you understand the language and terminology of sports  카지노 betting before you venture to wager on a real money online casino Singapore like MMC996 Singapore

There’s no reason not to educate yourself and learn the lingo, and it’s easy to gain a basic understanding of the language once you have familiarized yourself with the terms and phrases.



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