How to Stay Calm in Sport Competitions

It is easy to let your emotions get the best of you, Gclub has some tips to maintain them during competition.

Emotions can be a big factor that makes or breaks the outcome of a game. Keeping them in check will steer you in the right direction. A player who can control their emotions during a completion affects the game in advantageous ways.

When a competitor has the confidence, focus, and trust in their ability to perform, they have the key ingredients to stay calm and collected during any game. Gclub encourages readers to find the balance to be both competitive and calm in the heat of the moment.


A player of any game needs to have confidence in themselves. From time to time, one’s mood and emotions can be detrimental to the outcome of the game if not properly controlled. The best players know not only how to manage their emotions but also their self-worth.

The competition knows how valuable a player is and will attempt to distract them from what they know. Athletes who are confident in themselves maintain their emotions to focus on the game. They use their confidence to gain an advantage over the competing team.

The attitude you bring to the game is just as important as the skill. A positive attitude means a positive outcome.

Advantages of being emotionally confident:

  • Your emotion becomes a tool that can be used to bring down the competition.
  • Ability to face the competition without impacting performance.
  • Confidence acts as a personal shield.
  • Taunting and discouragement from other teams are less likely to negatively impact performance.

The aptitude to respond positively toward the challenges of emotions in a competition does not come easily. An inspiring quality an athlete can possess is the ability to handle their emotions and stay calm.


With the pressure of an upcoming competition, athletes can begin to lose their focus to other matters. The consequences of an athlete losing their focus can be damaging to their performance.

Performance anxiety is a real issue that athletes are likely to face. This anxiety is emotionally draining and can be rooted in many different causes.

What to focus on:

  • The physiology of the body and its performance.
  • The rhythm of breathing.
  • What needs to be accomplished.
  • The goals set for personal growth and development.

What not to focus on:

  • The distracting surroundings.
  • The external noise.
  • Nonsensical thoughts intruding on the mind.
  • Performance anxiety creeping up.

Refocus all emotions, both positive and negative, on what is necessary for the game: winning.

Take Control

Remaining calm throughout a competitive sport is one of the most advantageous qualities a team player can acquire. When their emotions are in control, victory is within reach.

Many players and athletes recognize that keeping their emotions at bay is what gives them an edge. When they let their anger, frustration, or even excitement get the best of them, it becomes an added difficulty. It gives the opposing team leverage when emotions are laid out on the field.


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