How Do Slot Machines Work Inside?

Have you ever wondered how slot machines work inside? Much like your favorite games at 918kiss, it’s interesting. So, let’s see what happens when you spin the wheel.

The Basics

There usually are three reels, each with a series of pictures. When you pull the lever, each of these spins independently. The computer algorithm determines where each wheel stops.

You will win or lose according to how the symbols match up.

A Traditional Slot Machine

When you pull the lever, you start the following chain of events

  1. A hook mechanism attached to the lever moves.
  2. It catches the kicker and drags it forward.
  3. The kicker snags a cam piece and moves it.
  4. This action causes the gears to spin.
  5. A spring attached to the cam slows this action down.
  6. When the cam extends as far as it can, it unlocks a cam plate.
  7. This plate retracts a set of stoppers from the discs, aided by the kicker.
  8. The discs can then move freely, and so the reels spin.
  9. As the lever extends to its full capacity, the hook moves up.
  10. As this surface slants, the hook moves forward and out of contact with the kicker.
  11. The spring then pulls the kicker back into starting position.
  12. This release action causes the kicker to brush the cam plate, letting the reels move.
  13. It also releases the cam plate, and so too the stoppers.
  14. Each stopper releases and catches a notch on the reel, arresting its movement.
  15. The machine is now back to its starting position.

An Electrical Slot Machine

These are very similar to their mechanical counterparts. They do, however, rely on motors and solenoids to activate the stoppers. With the advent of electrical models, slots became more sophisticated and flashier.

A Computerized Slot Machine

A computer chip and random number generator control these models. The computerized machine calculates hundreds of variables for seamless play within a minute or two.

A random number generator determines where the reels stop. Each position on the reel corresponds to a number in the virtual world. The algorithm divides the RNG by a set factor to simplify things.

It then records the first number as the first reel. If the number is not wholly divisible by the set factor, the machine records the remaining number. It does the same for the three other reels.

At lightning speed, the algorithm checks the results against a table of possible options. It is this that determines where to stop each reel.

This gives each player a fair shot at the jackpot. At the same time, it helps manage the casino’s risk.


In the end, the house always wins. Now that you know a little more about how slots work, however, you might be able to skew the odds in your favor. If you’d like to learn more, check our sites for tips on how to play slots.







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