Guide to choosing the Best Online Casino in India – 2022

The best casinos are not simply about the best games. There is a lot that goes into making sure that your time at an online casino is safe and worry-free. Don’t get dazzled by large bonuses and big game collections only. Instead, take care to comb through the website to know if it truly is the best online casino for you, or if it’s all just hype. Here are some things you absolutely must look at to know that you are truly choosing some of the best online casinos available today.


One of the first things to look at when you are deciding which is the best casino to play at is to look at the license and registration.


First of all, any website that does not prominently mention its licensing and governing body-usually at the end of the page might not be a completely legal site. 

Since you cannot take a casino license in India yet, make sure that the online casino is registered in a different country. Countries like Malta, Curacao, and the UK all give out licenses for online casinos. For Indian players, these sites are totally legal to play at. 


The license mentioned on the site will normally have its registration number, the company name, and the country or commission providing the license.
Licensed sites that have won prizes at international online gambling events for their services and games are usually at the top of their game.


However, before you start playing, make sure to follow up on their claims. Every commission usually publishes the full list of licenses provided. Checking up if the numbers match is a good way to keep yourself from getting into trouble in the future.


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Play safe and mental health

One thing people don’t realize is that a good online casino is supposed to be prepared to handle mental health issues, especially for those related to gambling addiction. 

Most of the best casinos will usually display a ‘play safe’ or similar badge to let players know that there is help available, and to also give them quick access to it. Though most decent sites have tools such as self-exclusion or limit setting, the best online casinos go above and beyond.

At the best sites, you may be able to find lists and tests to help you figure out if you are indeed struggling with addiction. You might also be able to find tools like ad blockers that block all gambling-related media for you, information for groups, therapists, and more, and details about mental issues with gaming and gambling.
Though mental health might not be at the top of your priorities when signing up to play, keeping it in your sight and choosing sites that care can help you immensely in the future. 

Payments options

The best online casinos are not only safe and legal, but they also make things easy for users. Payments on online casinos can be a cumbersome process. The various verifications, IDs, and KYCs required can put a dampener on things. 

Good casinos instead accept legal and easy-to-use payment methods that make the process easier. They normally will have a large number of options available for players.
Options like Gpay or E-wallets can make things easy by not having to go through extra levels of verification while keeping your information safe. Some websites have also started to allow cryptocurrencies, thereby allowing players to deposit or withdraw without relying on centralized banking systems.  


On top of having user-friendly options for payments, make sure that the online casino you like does not charge extra fees for withdrawals or ask for other hidden fees. 


Safety concerns are one of the main issues that any online casino worth its salt will put at the top of its agenda. This means that they will make sure that everything is above board and that your sensitive banking information and private information are safeguarded. 


Some of the things to look at when searching for your next favorite casino is to make sure that you do not sign up on sites that look suspicious. This includes random pop-ups, verification sites before you can see the website, and other such 3rd party activities. 


One other key feature to look out for is SSL encryption. Websites starting with HTTPS are usually secured. However, the very best sites also have antivirus on their websites to protect you.

Before you are totally convinced, however, make sure to read a website’s privacy policy. Here they lay out the laws and rules they follow to protect your privacy, which parts of your sensitive information are protected and which won’t be once you sign up.

Customer support

The way customers are treated in an online casino can say a lot about the quality of a casino. Make sure that the site you are looking at has extensive customer service. Check up on how many ways there are for you to get in touch with a casino in case you have issues in the future.

Another important thing to follow up on would be the reviews on a site’s customer service. There are many legitimate forums and sites where payers can share their thoughts about a particular site’s issues. If the feedback about a site is generally good, but the customer service is bad, understand that sooner or later you will definitely encounter a problem, and in that time, there will be no one to help you out. 


The best sites not only have a 24×7 Chat hotline, but they will also have e-mail addresses, office addresses, and phone numbers. Websites with only an automated chatbot are most likely to not help out as much. 


On top of this, make sure to go through a website’s terms to know exactly how they mediate problems. The best websites will have different levels of escalation, meaning, depending on the urgency or complexity of a problem, they will chalk out the different measures they have available to mediate such issues. 

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