Features to Check While Buying Clip-in Hair Extensions 

Clip Extensions give a perfect look, but they are expensive too. There is a range of hair extensions that you can use to suit your hair and your budget. Finding the best clip in hair extensions at a reasonable price is always challenging for buyers. 

So, here are some tips to help you choose: 


You can find hair extensions made up of 100% natural human hair in the market. These products are the best and will last longer than any synthetic product. You can also go for a mix of natural and synthetic hair, as it gives a perfect blend and looks to your hair. 

While buying these extensions, make sure you check the quality of your hair. Avoid buying an extension if the ends are of bad quality. It is not worth spending on a product that will not last long.

How Do You Attach Them?

There are several methods available to attach hair extensions. Some popular methods are clips, glues, tangle-free tubes, etc. 

These methods have their advantages and cons. It is up to you which method suits your hair type and lifestyle. Ensure that whichever way you choose to fix is long-lasting and does not damage your hair. If you are going for the clip-in extension, make sure they have a perfect grip to stay long on your hair.

Case Of Hair Extensions

You can also buy a case for your hair extension so that you can store them safely. Many manufacturers sell these cases together with the product. The advantage of buying the same brand is that it will fit perfectly in your clip-in extensions, and they can be stored together. 

Another option is to buy a universal case that can store your extensions and many other brands. It is also important not to mix the hair extensions of different brands, as they might carry chemicals harmful to your scalp and hair.

Closure Type

You can select from two types of closures – a lace closure and a silk base closure. If you’re looking for the best clip in hair extensions, you need to decide which one you would go for. Both have their benefits and disadvantages, so compare them before purchasing the best one.

Lace Closure

A Lace closure looks very natural, so it is essential to go for the right color. If you choose the wrong shade, your extensions won’t look natural. It will be easy to blend these extensions with your real hair if you keep the color matching perfect. Also, it will be easy to attach these extensions to your hair.

Silk Base Closure

A silk base closure is perfect for those new to the hair extension application process. If you are unsure how well you can style your extensions, this closure type is perfect for you. It comes with a pre-made part, and you can attach it very easily. You can use this type of closure in any hairstyle, and you don’t need to do much styling.

Human or Synthetic Hair 

You can buy extensions made up of 100% human hair or a blend of natural and artificial hair. Human hair has a natural shine, but synthetic hair can be an option if your budget is tight. However, always remember to go for quality over price. While buying clip-in extensions, compare the texture and quality of both hair types.

Length of Extension 

The clip-ons come in several lengths (10″, 12″, 16 & 18 inches). The perfect length for you depends on your face shape and hairstyle. Short hair requires a shorter extension, while long hair requires a longer one. So, it’s crucial to make sure your extensions are not too long or too short, as they would look obvious and out of place. 

Hair Texture 

Make sure that the clip-ins match your natural hair texture or close to it. It will not look natural and might stand out like a sore thumb if they don’t. Also, consider that if you blend more than one type of hair, it may take more time to blend them. If you are not committed enough, you will waste money on these extensions.


Price is one of the major deciding factors when buying any product, but make sure you spend on quality rather than price alone. Clip-in hair extensions are a great way to change your look and bring good vibes into your life. The best clip in hair extensions do not come cheap, but you can find some reasonable options, too, if you look around. 

The features mentioned will help you make the right choice when buying these products. If you have any doubts, you can consult a professional who will guide you based on your requirements. Also, remember to take care of your extensions properly, as this will increase their shelf life and make them look good from the outset.


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