detox water is a water in which the favors of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs infused in it, helpful in weight loss plans, digestion problems, and most importantly is the best drink that can include in your morning routine [ which is far better than the high sugar drinks like sugary soda and fruit juice] will also make you feel fresh and also helps in removing all the toxic from your body which I result to probably will see some positive effects in your body and to your face also,

You can make detox water at home in lots of different ways, using any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you like


Mint is a refreshing herb that has a cooling property that helps in soothing the upset stomach hence this detox water for digestion, mint helps the flow of bile through the stomach which in result speed up the digestion process. this detox water also helps to feel a soothing experience in the busting heat as the combination of all three mint, cucumber and lemon kick out all the toxins from your body.

to make this boost up detox water, heat up some water in a pan, in it put one sliced cucumber, about 7 to8 mint leaves and let it infuse in water about 5- 10 minute and lastly squeeze a half lemon to it.


honey and ginger tea is the most common drink in India in fact there is no introduction required for the people of India to love tea, it’s very beneficial in curing sore throats and colds.

how to make it

take a pan and filled in with about a cup of water

when the water start boiling put some ground ginger and some slices of lemons in it

just wait for a while until the lemon and ginger are infused in the water, and after it turns off the transfer this tea into the cups and enjoy the favors.

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