Crypto Trading: Best Money Making Opportunity of our Time

Crypto trading is a new and emerging industry, which has become very popular in the last few years. However, it can be challenging to navigate the different ways people make money off of crypto. The Bitcoin Champion is a great trading platform to trade cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of few different ways to make money through crypto trading. 

1) Mining

This process involves solving complex mathematical equations to receive rewards and confirm transactions on the blockchain network. It can be time-consuming and challenging work, so you’ll need special equipment like ASICs if you want any chance at success when mining for cryptocurrency.

2) Day Trading

If you’re looking for a way that will allow you to turn just $500 into $5000 overnight, day trading may seem like an attractive option. However, this type of trading is risky and involves a lot of work and research.

3) Buy and Hold

This method involves purchasing a cryptocurrency, holding onto it for an extended period (generally years), then selling it when the price reaches its peak. The tricky part about this strategy is knowing which coins will last that long to make your profit worthwhile.

4) Arbitrage Trading

If you’re looking for ways to make money through crypto trading without having much interest or knowledge about technology, arbitrage trading might be right up your alley. It’s pretty simple to learn how to do – all you need is enough funds in your account so that when there are discrepancies between different exchanges’ prices, you can take advantage of them by buying from one exchange while simultaneously selling on another at a higher rate.

5) Contributing to ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings are an excellent way for new cryptocurrencies to gain buzz and launch their tokens into the market. Participating in an ICO can be done by purchasing early-stage cryptocurrency. Still, it’s also possible for you token holders to earn rewards through staking coins or receiving dividends on your investment if the platform is successful.

6) Bounty Hunting

If you’re hoping to make money through crypto trading and don’t have much experience in these types of markets, bounty hunting might be an attractive option. The concept is simple: companies will post bounties for people willing to complete tasks on their behalf for little or no pay at all. While it can take some time before your contributions are rewarded with tokens, the more popular the coin becomes, the faster your rewards will come in after completing each task


7) Staking

If you already own cryptocurrencies, one way to make money through crypto trading is by staking your coins or tokens to earn interest. Staking allows you to secure the network and validate transactions in exchange for a small reward paid out over time. Unfortunately, this can usually only be done with Ethereum-based currencies.

8) Consulting

Do you have a lot of expertise in the crypto trading industry? If so, then consulting could be an attractive option for you. You can work with companies to help them strategize and manage their investments through this unique form of currency trading.

9) Day Trading Tools

If you’re interested in making money through crypto trading without investing your funds, day trading tools could be the way to go. This option allows you to earn a commission for using different tech solutions and helping them manage their trades effectively to maximize their profits on each transaction.

10) Aggressive Shorting

This is another form of short selling that involves borrowing tokens from other markets and then immediately selling them for a profit before buying back at lower rates later on down the line. 


Crypto trading is a promising market, but it’s also extremely daunting. To be successful in the long run, you’ll need to have at least some knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work and what makes them valuable.


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