Blunders you should never make when using steroids (AAS)

Blunders you should never make when using steroids (AAS)

Steroids have become surprisingly famous over the last two decades with both athletes and body builders resorting to use them for various goals. When used in the right way, it has very many benefits you could gain from like it weight loss, increase muscle mass, improving body physique among other numerous benefits it has. For the best outcome when using steroids, one must ascertain a few factors first like the dosage to use just to make sure you do not overdo it, the right schedule to go with, which supports factors to combine with the steroids to get the results among other factors. You must be very careful not to make these mistakes when you buy Dianabol UK

Abusing your dosage 

The notion that more is better is always the wrong approach to carry with you when using steroids. It is a common behavior for bodybuilders to overindulge in steroids and body building supplements to get faster results and higher training power. You should however know that not observing your dosages could easily come with harsh repercussions you are not ready to face. There are a lot of effects that could result from abusing AAS including developing kidney problems, hair loss or balding, potential infertility challenges and even mitigate production of body hormones. In any case, seek professional guidance through your dosage change plans to avert any potential health hazards you may be vulnerable to.

Using fake steroids 

The success of steroids use has inspired many people to check out various brands that the market avails. You must never be quick to trust the first brand that you get as you need to compare options before you make the right choice. In any case you should be well aware of the scammers in the market selling consumers fake steroids without any care for the consequences. You have to choose the drug stores you shop from online carefully and above all make sure they are not only licensed but also deal in legit brand of steroids which you can count on to help you grow to who you want to be. Fake steroids are impure and can end up causing adverse side effects that may be costly to reverse or treat.

Not involving your physician 

You cannot exclude your doctor from your steroids use and work out plans; this is wrong as most professionals will admit. To begin with, they can advise you in case you are allergic to some steroids along with giving the right treatment. Secondly these professional doctors need to regularly test your urine, pH value, lover values, blood and blood pressure in the body. Through such tests, you can know whether to continue using steroids take a break from them or just stop using them completely. There are also conditions which can be tackled during earlier stages making it easy to treat them unlike when you choose to remain ignorant. There are high chances that your doctor will point you to the right direction when it comes to choosing steroids.

Ignoring support factors for success

It is dangerous to use steroids and not have the right routine to use it in the body. Steroids alone will not help you achieve your goals, you need to switch to a befitting diet, get the right trainer and develop the best program to follow in your training for the best outcome. The four key elements of magic rectangle are nutrition, attitude, proper rest and sufficient training. You do not want to end up becoming obese just because you over relied on steroids to help you instead of the training it should help you sustain. 

Prolonged use without break 

Your duration of intake should not be too long, give your body a break from it whenever necessary. There are some strong steroids which are effective during the initial days of its use however insisting on using for a long term may not be beneficial for your health. This is so for a number athletes and body builders and according to most professionals, it is the wrong mentality to have. You not only risking developing organ damage for instance kidney problems and acne the more you continue using steroids. It is necessary to give your body some time out of the steroids schedule as you observe the progress made.

Choosing the wrong steroids 

Mots guides on how to buy steroids encourage you to evaluate your needs for steroid before you purchase one. People have various goals for using steroids including losing weight, increasing their muscle mass and general body as well. You should choose the steroids that best work for the goals you have based on whether you want to go for long term or short usage. Settling for the wrong type of steroid is dangerous as you may not get the desired results. Women and teenagers are especially advised to be careful with the steroids option they choose to use which is why research ad consultations may be necessary to reduce mistakes.

Poor intake schedule 

Professional body builders recommend that amateurs begin with low dosages of steroids as they progress to heavier doses with time. This is for one reason being protein building and nitrogen retaining abilities of the steroids will diminish with use. You will furthermore have to design a good routine to adhere to using the steroids in regards to the frequency and combinations allowed. When using more than one supplement along with the steroids, you must consult first to make sure it is totally safe for you. Even though steroids have been claimed to have mental addiction, one can maintain the right schedule and dosages when disciplined in order to obtain the results they seek.


There are a lot of internet drug stores which you can shop for your steroids from. You should consider shopping online not just for the offers they have but wide range of steroid brands from all over the world for you to choose from. You also manage to enjoy discretion in your purchase which may not be the case if you are shopping from land based drug stores for the same.

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