5 Points to Consider to buy Second Hand Bike in Bangalore 

Bangalore is an evolving city from the Garden city to the Silicon Valley of India; this city has gained the position as the third-largest city in India. Here comes the traffic as well. A developed city has more traffic, it is something that you cannot beat. Many venturers and city people skip their luxurious cars and prefer riding a two-wheeler. The demand for two-wheelers is on the higher side. When it comes to two-wheelers, buying a used bike is quite fashionable. Especially the top brands selling good quality refurbished bikes at an affordable price. 

Buying a Second Hand Bike in Bangalore is not an easy task, and it is like buying a new motorcycle that you can go to a showroom to put your cash on the table and get ready to purchase on your budget. By just buying a nice used bike, you’ll get many benefits that include paying less money, saving more money, getting a good quality bike and even a good machine for long-term usage. Many people buy a motorcycle and then sell it off at half-price. You need to choose the right used bike to get a comfortable experience. 

Here’s the list of the top 5 reasons to choose Second Hand Bike in Bangalore 

1: Create a List of your Favorite Bikes 

It is not easy to choose a top bike among the arena of most desirable bikes available in the market. You are required to find out what sort of bike you are willing to buy. You might choose top cruiser bikes or mileage bikes as well. Choose from the brands like Honda, Hero, TVS, Suzuki, Yamaha. If you plan cruiser bikes, then KTM, Royal Enfield, Benelli or more are better options. The important thing is that the bike must be comfortable for you. Choose a 150cc motorcycle for a smooth riding experience if you are a newcomer or beginner. If you know the purpose of buying a used bike, it will not turn out to be complicated.


2: Is it a good idea to choose a bike seller directly or choose from a genuine platform?


If you are going to the seller directly, the chances of negotiation are less. You might have to run after the dealer for money, and document authenticity is way too challenging to get on time. If you buy from a dealer, it is more likely to get a good machine, yet the authenticity is less. You require a good understanding of the bike-related details to understand the bike and not get duped by the dealer. Be sure that good dealers have a good reputation for selling well-priced bikes. The benefit of the bike is only enjoyed if you can clear the doubts from the dealers and have a piece of knowledge on the bike. 


It is advised to choose a platform where you get the range of bikes, filter the price per your preference and book your bike. Buying a used vehicle is way too easy as you do not have to look for any personalized checkpoints. The brands take the responsibility of selling used two-wheelers and refurbishing them to retain the excellent quality. The prices are based on the make, model and variant. You can enjoy an effortless service once you purchase the used bikes. The most important thing is documentation which is effortlessly done. You’ll get all the information and paperwork done on time. 


3: Taking a test Ride is Must


When you buy a Second Hand Bike in Bangalore, you must go for a test ride to understand the bike. By checking on the maintenance service papers, you cannot understand the bike’s condition. It is challenging to figure out the bike’s condition unless you take a test ride. Before purchasing it, the brake, clutches, motorcycle gear, and the engine must be considered. Check whether there is any noise that sneaks out while you are riding the bike. If so, then the engine has an issue. Take a ride once you have booked the bike. Taking a test ride is crucial to conveying helpful information, so never take the test ride for granted. If you do so, then you might end up regretting it.


4: Inspect the motorcycle and its spare parts


While you take a test ride, you are required to check some critical parts like the drive chain, clutch, brake, gears, sprocket, frames, suspension, brake fluid oil, battery, tires, rust and leaks, along with other similar things. It will offer you a clear picture of how the past owner maintained the used bike in Bangalore. If the bike is an accidental one, then you’ll get a clear glimpse of it. While taking a test ride, if you notice any damage or frame, then you should not buy it. Check whether the bike had any insurance or not! Take the documents like registration certificate, NOC, insurance papers, other servicing papers, blue books, etc. Make sure that you collect all the bike-related records. 


5: Negotiate on the price


Getting a reasonable price on buying a Second Hand scooty in Bangalore is a significant factor. If you buy from a genuine platform, you do not have to negotiate anything. The prices are set as per the bike’s condition, year, model and variant. All you need to do isn’t lose your mind while choosing the bike. Compare well before you purchase a bike from a platform. It helps to drive the best price. 


To conclude, it is a great idea to invest in a used two-wheeler in Bangalore. Even if you are new to the city and looking for a used two-wheeler, you should choose a Second Hand Bike in Bangalore from top brands to enjoy an effortless riding experience. Choose your favourite brand, take a test ride and then buy it. Follow the parameters mentioned above to see how everything works so that anyone or nobody in the process dupes you. Happy Riding 🙂



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