Why You Need an Android Device Manager to Remotely Wipe Your Device

What is Android Device Manager?

Our mobile phones are used for more than just communication; they save memories, bank account details, mark calendars, make financial transactions, and business emails. If you lose your phone, valuable company data (even personal data) could be lost and misused. Numerous third-party apps and security systems may assist you in protecting that data; nevertheless, there are instances when you absolutely must wipe the phone clean of anything that could cause personal or professional devastation.

SureMDM from 42gears is one such example of an Android Device Manager solution. After a quick installation, the app connects with the server over any data network, and you may use Device Manager to ring, lock, or delete your Android device. When your Android phone is misplaced, you can entirely delete its data from a remote location.

An EMM solution for Android such as SureMDM by 42Gears is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs and Startups). Small businesses can take full control of company-owned devices and some control over employee-owned devices, thanks to SureMDM’s lean enterprise mobility management solution. This web-based centralized console for Android can be used to secure, manage, and monitor all of these devices. Among the features available are application deployment, security policies, location tracking, screen-sharing, and remote troubleshooting.

SureMDM also provides control and visibility over iOS and Windows-based smart devices.

Why Android Device Manager is required to Remotely Wipe Your Device?

An Android device manager solution is a security solution that allows you to locate and, if necessary, remotely lock or delete your lost or stolen Android handset. It is required to keep your Android device safe and prevent your data from being misused. If the Android device manager is successfully installed on the Android devices, IT administrators can remotely delete all data on the registered devices if they are lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

An Android device solution like SureMDM is compatible with all of your Android devices. From anywhere in the world, you may locate your device on a map, lock it with a new password, or securely erase it. Before you can use SureMDM, the Android devices should be enrolled in SureMDM. You may use the SureMDM console to locate any Android device, no matter what model it is. From there, you have the option to find the device, lock the device, or even erase all data. 

Final Thoughts

Android devices are prevalent not only for personal use but also in the workplace. They contain a large amount of personal data and important corporate information, making it critical to manage these devices to maintain data security and business continuity. When an Android smartphone is stolen, or an employee leaves an enterprise, the data on the device is at risk. Android Device Management software wipes off the data on the phone storage and the data on the business applications and the business apps on the device. As a result, the vital and sensitive data on the device is not misused.


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