Types of drawers to look out for

Be it files, pens, books, or essential files, everything needs to be stored in an organised manner in an office. This is because office files are an integral component of the functioning of a workplace. Office drawers are a great way to store stationery and other essential documents. Drawers are a unit of movable or permanent cabinets that are widely used in the workplace to store and organise essential items.

Types of drawers:

Different types of office drawers come in various sizes and colours.

i) Plastic storage drawersThese are very lightweight and can be moved from place to place effortlessly. They also hold a lot of stuff and can be used as additional storage drawers to hold critical secondary items. Such drawers can be seen near the entrance area of every workplace, keeping employees’ attendance records. Plastic drawers cost significantly less and are best suited if a company is looking to cut costs.

ii) Rolling drawersSuch drawers help send files from one department to another in an office. There are many mini drawers where stationary and files can be organised and then taken to different departments for cross-checking and auditing, as these drawers have wheels. They are highly advantageous in an office to maintain and transport patient records across the reception and doctor’s office.

iii) Storage cabinets with drawersThe most common type used in homes, offices, hotels, and whatnot. They are made of wood and come in different varieties in size, material, and colours. Such storage office drawers are highly beneficial for storing essential items as they come in with an inbuilt lock. They also add aesthetics to the place. This is an expensive storage option as they are made of wood embedded with lock technology but highly recommended to store important office documents.

iv) Table attached drawersEmployees are provided with a table to carry on their work. Such tables have attached drawers to store small things such as stationery, chargers, files, records, and whatnot. This is quite helpful as a person does not have to get up from their table to reach out to essential documents. This will also ensure that the table is not cluttered. Hence, it provides employees with a neat and clean working space and additional space to store their belongings.

v) Iron drawers and cabinetsMany government offices are seen using iron cabinets as they can store many files. Drawers are highly beneficial in courts and lawyers’ offices. These drawers come with a lock that can be digital or mechanical. One can set the pin of such drawers to ensure security. This is better than the conventional locks as the keys can be lost or subject to theft. However, one should remember the password or pin as it cannot be decoded. They are not as expensive as wooden cabinets and add a rusty appearance to the place. Iron drawers are pretty durable and can be used for a long time. They are also firm but difficult to move.

vi) Filing cabinets- They are used to store historical documents and records of a company. They are generally placed in the basement as they consist of numerous drawers. Such cabinets are the most preferred office drawers as files can be well organised. It also makes the process of searching and locating documents easier and effortless. The drawers in the cabinets can be labelled according to the classification of files. It is durable and a standard type of storage option for an office. The material of such cabinets can be either iron, wood, or even plastic. Depending upon the usage, one can customise the number of drawers, size, and material of a filing cabinet.

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