Top Secrets for Healthy and Glowing Nails

Nails reflect who you are and how healthy someone is. Well-groomed nails make a person look polished. They also make your hands appear more beautiful and youthful. 

You don’t have to visit a nail parlor regularly to have beautiful nails. Ensuring personal hygiene coupled with a well-balanced diet can do the trick at a fraction of the cost you could have incurred in a beauty parlor. The following points will guide you to the best care for your nails.

Avoid harsh nail polish

While most nail polish available in the market contains exceptionally toxic chemicals, some of them are the solution to your glowing nails. However, for better results, always ensure that you scrutinize the labels to be on the safe side before making a purchase. You can also opt for water-based nail polish. Though they don’t last long, they are the best for safety.

Moisturize your nails regularly

Dry nails are often susceptible to cracking and breaking anyhow. This behavior may lead to unhealthy cuticles. If you want to avoid this, it is advisable to moisturize your nails well and regularly. Coconut oil is recommended as it nourishes them when applied well and gently.

Eat healthily

A well-balanced diet will automatically strengthen your nails. You don’t need any supplements to improve your nails with good food. However, people with weak and brittle nails need to use supplemental vitamins to enhance their nails.

Always look out for essential proteins that boost the production of keratin and omega 3. This helps you create solid nails and a shiny appearance.

Avoid biting your nails

Research reveals that many individuals tend to bite their nails when they are nervous. This habit does more harm to your nails than good. Grinding your nails damages your cuticles and often may cause infection. Breaking this habit may be a bit tough. So try to use nail polish regularly or adhesive bandages to help you stop the habit.

Cut and shape your nails often

Always keep your nails short or in good shape. Outgrown nails tend to break and split, and they carry a lot of dirt and bacteria. Ensure you cut your nails every week and file them to get a smooth and attractive arc. Even if you are trying to grow them, it is advisable to trim them slightly from the top.

Clean them with nail polish remover

Like skincare, it is also good to have a nail care routine. Cleaning your nails and hands will ensure you are free from germs and bacteria. 

For polished nails, always use nail polish remover every time to remove polish from your nails. Doing so often will prevent your nails from chipping and splitting. However, remember to wash your hands with running water after this exercise. 


With the above tips, taking good care of your nails and keeping them healthy should be so much easier. Remember, professional nail polish can give you a long-lasting glow. Thus, it is advisable to seek a dermatologist’s opinion if you see any changes in your nails. Always seek treatment for any nail problem.

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