Top Mistakes to Dodge When Purchasing a Motorcycle

It’s exciting to buy a motorcycle. However, a person can get caught up in the moment and make the wrong decision. New buyers are most at risk of making a mistake when purchasing. However, these mistakes can be avoided.

By taking time to carefully consider riding style, skill level, operating costs, and intended use before visiting dealerships, motorcycle shoppers can avoid these common pitfalls. Test rides, training courses, and shopping outside of peak season also help buyers make wise purchase decisions they are less likely to come to regret.

Not Doing Enough Research

Understand the different types of motorcycles before shopping for a bike at American Motorcycle Trading Company. Categories like cruisers, sports bikes, dual-sport, and touring models each have distinct capabilities, riding positions, and intended uses. Test riding different styles can clarify what feels most comfortable and practical for your planned riding purpose.

You also need to research motorcycle costs beyond just the sales price. Factor in expenses like insurance, protective gear, accessories, maintenance, storage, and more. Some bikes may have higher associated costs that strain your finances over time. Research insurance rates in advance since they can vary dramatically between motorcycles.

Safety research is equally vital when motorcycle shopping. Review crash statistics and safety ratings for the bikes you are considering. Consider taking a motorcycle safety course for hands-on training before purchasing as well. Understanding proper riding techniques and bike handling goes a long way in reducing risk.

Doing diligent research allows you to make an informed motorcycle purchase that best aligns with your riding goals and lifestyle needs while fitting your budget. Test rides, cost comparisons, and safety reviews take effort upfront but pay dividends through years of riding enjoyment.

Focusing Too Much on Aesthetics

It is understandable to want a visually appealing motorcycle. However, aesthetic factors should not be prioritized over more practical considerations related to safety, reliability, and pricing. For example, purchasing a motorcycle mostly because of its stylish design could mean settling for one that has a weaker frame, faulty mechanical parts, or is simply overpriced relative to its value. Buyers should ensure the motorcycle meets key criteria before considering flashy aesthetics.

Ignoring Mechanical Inspections

Even if a motorcycle looks flawless initially, only a full mechanical inspection can validate that everything is in good working condition under the hood. The seller may claim that no issues exist, but trusting their word alone is ill-advised. Paying an independent mechanic to thoroughly inspect the brakes, engine, transmission, and electronics can uncover problems that impact pricing negotiations or even make the motorcycle unsafe to ride. Skipping this step heightens the chances of paying too much or buying a faulty bike.

Lacking Proper Licensing and Training

Riding a motorcycle without the right license or hands-on training elevates safety hazards substantially. Yet eager buyers sometimes purchase a motorcycle impulsively without confirming they meet state licensing requirements or investing in a motorcycle safety course. Not only does this violate laws, but inexperienced, untrained riders are significantly more likely to be involved in preventable accidents. Buyers should resolve any licensing issues and enroll in training before purchasing, not afterward.

Paying Too Much Upfront

Since motorcycles tend to depreciate faster than other vehicles, buyers should avoid paying top dollar without researching the rate of depreciation for that particular model over time. Putting excessive money down upfront often means taking a significant and almost immediate loss in value after purchase. Offering reasonable asking prices with modest down payments and scoping out financing options generally leads to smarter transactions for first-time motorcycle buyers. Rushing in out of excitement rather than making level-headed financial calculations can certainly be regretted later.

Novice motorcycle shoppers can avoid the most common purchase mistakes by doing thorough research, prioritizing practicality over aesthetics, getting mechanical inspections, securing proper licensing and training, and avoiding overpayment upfront. Taking these key steps will lead to informed decisions and long-term satisfaction once ready to buy.

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