Top Effective Ways to Satisfy Your Late Night Cravings

You have just got over your nighttime routine as you start winding down and climbing into your comfortable bed only for your stomach to start growling as you crave some snacking. We have all been there! In such an instance, you can search for reliable late night grocery delivery services to satiate your cravings.  

We often enter into a state of dilemma thinking about whether it is a good option to eat something or search for some healthy late-night snacks to satisfy the cravings and help you sleep soundly. While eating at night does not always lead to major health issues, having more calories than your body requires will make you gain weight over time. Moreover, selecting late-night snacks that are less healthy and high on sugar can cause harmful results as well. 

How to Control Your Late-night Cravings? 

To help you listen to your body’s requests while also providing the right nutrients, we have compiled a list of the best, healthy late-night snacks that you can select for late night grocery delivery at your doorstep. 

Some of the common options are: 

  • Popcorn: As you are winding down before heading to bed with a whole bag of popcorn and your favorite show, you might start wondering, is popcorn a healthy snack to have at night? While pre-packaged popcorn can contain chemicals like sodium, still making popcorn from scratch can be a fulfilling, light, and delicious way to handle your bedtime cravings. 


  • Greek Yogurt: Having Greek yogurt before going to bed will offer you ample protein you require for feeling satisfied as you make your way to the night. It also serves to be a great source of probiotics for keeping your gut functioning properly.  


Moreover, yogurt consumption has also been associated with relief from insomnia. As you try out new flavors of Greek yogurt, you can check the nutritional values beforehand. You can also think of adding honey, agave, or brown sugar for improved taste.  


  • Hummus: It is a famous Mediterranean-inspired chickpea-based favorite snack that will keep you full for several hours at a stretch. Filled with healthy fats and proteins, hummus is an ideal savory treat for all those light-night snackers. Spread your favorite flavor of hummus into a slice of pita bread. Otherwise, you can also think of using it as a delicious dip for your veggies or pretzels. 


  • Cottage Cheese: As a source of healthy snacks, cottage cheese is often overlooked as an ultimate source of protein and rich nutrients. Just like yogurt, cottage cheese serves as the perfect base for several other delicious and nutritious food items. 


You can think of adding sliced apples, walnuts, and even slight honey to make the overall taste more fulfilling. This makes way for a delicious bedtime snack. However, it is a good thing to choose a variety with lower levels of sodium to minimize the intake of higher sodium levels -eventually increasing blood pressure. 


  • Fish: Fatty fish like tuna and salmon offer access to the nutritious combination of omega-3 and vitamin D that are crucial for the production of serotonin. This core hormone will not only enhance your overall ability to sleep but it also helps in supporting day-to-day brain-specific functions. 


  • Bell Peppers: Bell peppers are immensely rich in overall flavors. At the same time, they are the most versatile variants of peppers available out there. Whether you dip them in hummus or ranch or even stuff them with cheese or grains, if you are in search of a sweet-savory, vitamin-rich bedtime snack, bell peppers might be the perfect snack for you. 


  • Avocado Toast: It might be a simple snack. However, it has gained quite a reputation for valid reasons. It is a must-have snack for millennials for its divine taste. At the same time, avocadoes are also regarded as a rich source of magnesium. It eventually helps in curbing sleep-related anxiety. It is an impressive way to boost your overall mood while also chilling your body as you lay down for the night. 


  • Oatmeal: Like cottage cheese and yogurt, oatmeal is your ideal late-night snack for relishing the wide range of added nutrients and flavors. You can think of adding delicious fruits, a little brown sugar, and nuts to your bowl of plain oatmeal for a healthy and filling late-night snack. 


Experts suggest that having oatmeal before bedtime is a great healthy option. It is because it contains complex carbohydrates for triggering the release of serotonin. 


  • Tofu: Tofu is a delicious, soy-based source of protein that is quite famous amongst vegans and vegetarians. Even non-vegetarians prefer the fine texture and rich flavors of tofu. Studies have depicted that there is a positive relationship between having soy and getting relief from sleep-related disorders.  


You can think of preparing a stir fry of delicious veggies and tofu some hours before going to bed for a robust, healthy, and sleep-inducing meal. 


  • Rice Cakes: Are you looking for a lightweight, airy, and crunchy snack to satiate your midnight cravings? Rice cakes are your ultimate snacks. Add ample nutrients and flavors with avocado, fruit, cheese, or nut butter -the options are simply endless.  


Rice cakes are especially great when you are in the nighttime snacking mood. They offer a satisfying crunch with the help of a few simple ingredients.  


  • Eggs: You can prepare late-night snacks out of eggs in several ways. One aspect that remains true irrespective of the style of preparation is that eggs are immensely rich in nutrients while also being fulfilling. Whether you are scrambling or boiling an egg before bedtime, it will offer you ample nutrients to produce melatonin. 

  Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Therefore, when you consume melatonin-rich foods like eggs before bedtime, it will induce better sleep.  


Make the most of your nighttime routine by ordering your favorite healthy snacks from Swiggy Instamart. You can look forward to sleeping peacefully when you have satisfied your late-night cravings. 

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