The Rummy satta Hack Apk You Must Play

Rummy satta apk is a very popular game offered on many gaming sites. This is a game of chance played with a standard deck of cards, therefore jokers are excluded. Many sites offered Rummy satta apk and many players argue on which is the best. The only answer to that is the one with good reviews and a valid license. Now, let us move to the basic gameplay of the dragon vs tiger apk.

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Rummy satta Apk app gameplay

Before moving to any Rummy satta apk hacks, it is best to know the basics. The entire game is based on the ability to guess whether a card of higher value will go either to the dragon or the tiger side. On rummy, the dealer is the computer. At the beginning of every game, you are given time to place bets on which odd you think might win. Contrary to what most people think, there are three odds in this game instead of two. The most commonly betted on odds are the rummy and the cards, and there is a slot for bets involving ties. Since the possibility of getting a tie is lower, the stakes of getting a tie at much higher.

At the beginning of each game, the computer gives all players 10 seconds to place their bets. During this time each player picks chips ranging from ₹10 chips to ₹10,000 chips and places them on whichever side of the table they intend to bet on, to the right for the tiger and to the left for the dragon. Those who have some intuition that the bet will fall on a tie will bet on the small semi-circular slot at the middle bottom of the table. Once the ten seconds are up, cards are drawn and placed on the dragon and tiger sides. The card with a higher value indicates a win for that side. Ties rarely occur so players are mostly discouraged from betting on ties unless they have a very strong intuition about it. The number of points for each card range from 1 to 13. In the order that cards are placed in a suit, the ace card is the one-point card, and at the very end, the king is the 13-point card. With the knowledge we now have, we can now proceed the Rummy satta apk hacks.

 The most popular Rummy satta apk hacks

Many players can confidently say that the Martingale strategy is the key to all the wins. How does this strategy work? The concept is quite simple. I will use an example since it will be faster and easier to explain compared to giving a rough overview of it. When using this particular Rummy satta apk hack, a player places a ₹10 chip on the tiger. If the player loses, the player is going to place ₹20 on the tiger again. You can see that ₹20 is double the initial ₹10 chip. The Martingale strategy entails doubling any stake on a loss until a win is obtained. When the player finally wins they go to their original stake. So if this player wins 40 rupees, which is double 20 rupees, on the next round of the game they play with their bet on ₹10.

Another popular Rummy satta apk hack is the D’Alembert strategy. It contains some elements that are quite similar to the Martingale strategy but there are a few tweaks on it to make it different. As we had seen earlier in the Martingale strategy, a loss requires the player to double the bet for the next round. Unlike the Martingale strategy, in the D’Alembert strategy, the player is required gradually increase the bets on a loss. On a win, the player gradually decreases the bet. Let me explain this strategy in an example. If in a game of dragon vs tiger, a player bets ₹10 on the first round, in the second round if he loses he will bet 15 rupees. This continues in a consistent order. This means that in the next round the bet will be 15 then 20 and so on. Let us say this player manages to win after making a bet on 25 rupees. He will then lower his bet after that to ₹20. This Rummy satta apk hack is the most friendly for beginners.

Another strategy that has been recently developed and can be regarded as a Rummy satta hack. The strategy is known as follow the winner. The efficacy of this strategy is not certain but then some players have encountered wins using it. As the name suggests you are supposed to follow the winner’s lead; bet on the winning odd of the previous round in the next round. So if the tiger won in the round before, you bet on the tiger in the next round.  Another tip for this strategy is to decrease your bet on a win and be consistent with the bet on a loss or go back to the initial bet. This strategy however requires self-control. It is advisable that after three consecutive losses, you make the wise decision and drop out of the game.

 Last but not least is consistency. The first two strategies, that is the D’Alembert and the Martingale strategies, use this Rummy satta apk hack. This means that when you choose one specific odd to bet on, it is better to stick to it during your entire game session or at least until to get a win. Just like in the follow-the-winner strategy, it is best to drop out of the game after encountering 3 consecutive losses.

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