How to Encourage Your Family to Spend More Time Outside

Summers are full of beautiful weather and there’s plenty to do, yet it’s all too common for families to end up spending most of the day indoors, playing games or watching TV. If it’s time to get the family outside and active, there are tons of fun activities to try. Go through the following to see what’s going to be the perfect idea to encourage the family to start spending more time outside when the weather is perfect. 

Take Cooking Outside

Instead of cooking inside, why not head outside? Building an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to take the cooking outside, where everyone can enjoy various activities in the yard then eat a delicious meal together. Outdoor kitchens can be simple or elaborate and can include almost anything a standard kitchen includes. Check out to learn more today and to start planning for your new outdoor kitchen. 

Go On a Hike

Head out on a hike to get back to nature and enjoy an afternoon. Hiking trails through the woods can be a fantastic way to spend the day, just make sure to bring plenty of water and a snack or two for longer trails. No trails to walk on nearby? Head into the city, go on a walking tour, and do some window shopping. Just as long as everyone is outside and walking, the whole family will have a fun time. 

Start a Garden

Starting a garden doesn’t take a lot, just a clear spot in the yard and a few seeds. Even better? Try starting a veggie garden. Kids will love tasting all of the foods they grow and there are plenty of fun options, like red or purple carrots, to try. Start with a few of the easier veggies to grow, then add more as everyone starts to enjoy the gardening. With an outdoor kitchen, it’s possible to pick some veggies, cook dinner, and enjoy the meal without having to head back inside. 

Set Up Water Activities

Water activities can be a great way to encourage kids to get outside and play. When it’s hot, the cool water is refreshing and fun. Try adding water to a slide, creating a slip and slide, turning on the sprinklers, or any other water activities kids will love. There are plenty of activities to try, and it’s easy to set up most water activities in the backyard. When there’s water (and mud) involved, kids are likely to stay outside longer since they’ll be cooled off and having fun. 

Host Guests for a Barbeque

Barbeques are perfect for big or small gatherings, so invite over family members, coworkers, or neighbors and have a little fun. With an outdoor kitchen, sides can be cooked outside while the main course is grilled, so it’s easy to serve everyone. Kids can run and play while the adults relax and talk, and everyone will end up having a fantastic time. In fact, this could become a regular event. 

Getting the family to spend a little bit more time outside doesn’t have to be hard, but it helps to have everything set up and ready to go. These ideas are sure to get the kids away from the TV and outside having fun with the family. Learn more about building an outdoor kitchen today, then try out these ideas to find out which ones will become family favorites.

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