Fury – Ngannou – a fight scam according to Usik!


Fury – Ngannou fight scam

Over the most recent couple of years, the field of combative techniques, for example, boxing, blended hand to hand fighting and others have started to keep pace. Increasingly more frequently watchers can watch battles between delegates of various disciplines. This isn’t is really to be expected, in light of the fact that such battles frequently draw in a ton of consideration from fans, yet additionally a seriously great measure of cash.

The trailblazers, on the off chance that they can be called in this way, were Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, who held a battle under the guidelines of boxing. This session accumulated a ton of buzz around itself and turned into a truly milestone occasion, you ought to presumably be aware on the off chance that you like boxing news. On this day the Irishman was crushed, however in spite of this he won truckload of cash.

It’s been almost 5 years since this legendary fight and here again all fight fans are waiting for another confrontation, which has all chances to write this title in history forever. Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou are ready to give all fans just gorgeous spectacle, which simply can not be missed according to analysts and experts https://lotto247.app/app/!

Where the fight between Fury and Ngannou will take place

The warriors have long an adequate number of haggled every one of the provisions of this battle and it will be held under the standards of boxing, which without a doubt shocked all enthusiasts of hand to hand fighting on lotto247. Albeit, as per the main specialists from lotto247 – it was very self-evident. It is impossible that the ongoing WBC heavyweight champion Rage needs to demonstrate something in something else entirely, however the previous UFC champion Ngannou is most certainly in the possession of all the clamor that is gathering around their battle.

This fight is scheduled for the fall and will take place on October 28, 2023. Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact time yet, so picking a time to watch the online broadcast will not work. Also according to the laws of the genre in 2023, the fight will be held in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. Undoubtedly this year, this region has become very interesting not only for the field of martial arts, but also for other sports, as well as cybersports.

Francis and Tyson Fury fight: a scam in Usik’s opinion

The pair Usik Fury could please us with a fight back in the spring, but unfortunately, this confrontation was not destined to happen. There are various speculations as to why we did not see one of the most long-awaited fights not only for boxing fans, but also for analysts lotto247 app. After all, this fight could put a point in the question of who is the king of the boxing ring at the moment.

Despite this, such a boxing Usik – Fury is still bound to happen. After all, all fans to watch a really interesting event sleep and dream about how the Ukrainian will be able to fight with the king of Roma. Maybe because of the cancellation of that very fight, Usik took a grudge against Tyson and now does not hesitate to comment on their fight with Francis Ngannou.

According to the Ukrainian boxer, who is quoted by professional boxing news, this fight makes no sense, as it will be held exactly according to the rules of boxing. This arrangement of events is clearly in the hands of his main competitor for leadership in the world of professional boxing. That’s why Usik believes that this fight is nothing more than a scam to win big money and that’s it.

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