Five Ways to Take Better Care of Your Home

It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to how you take care of your home. If you’ve previously rented and now own a home, it can be even easier to assume that someone will do the work, when in reality, that someone is you.  skirting board

Luckily, there are a few easy fall maintenance items that have a disproportionately large impact on the longevity of your home, according to high-demand real estate agents. With these simple evaluations and projects, you can often catch small issues before they become major, expensive problems and make it better when you go to sell them in the future.

Inspect the Roof and Get Shingles Replaced

While many people assume a roof will last 30 years without any kind of maintenance, the reality is that roofs can take a beating during bad weather and do need to be checked. At least once a year, make it a point to see if there are loose or missing shingles on your roof. If there are, have a roofer reattach the shingles. If this cost makes you balk, think about how much more frustrating it will be to have an entirely new roof installed early because you delayed the maintenance!

Mulch the Beds Around the House

Very little can make your landscape look quite as good as a spruce-up with some mulch. Not only does mulch make your yard look smart and orderly, but it can also protect your perennial plants’ roots in the winter. In the spring, the right kind of mulch can also deter weeds and make it a little easier to keep the area looking its best. 

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Get the Heating and Air Conditioning System Inspected Yearly

Bringing an HVAC technician to your home does cost some money, but the cash you’ll save by doing so can be so valuable that you want to put this on your calendar each year. HVAC technicians can notice small issues with the system that take very little time and money to fix. Left unrepaired, however, small inefficiencies stress the entire system, making it wear out sooner. Like your roof, your HVAC system will only have its maximum life if it is well-maintained.

Check for Wood Damage

For wooden windows, walls, and decks, do a spot check and see if there are any signs of damage. Just a walk around your home can give you a sense of ease, knowing your home doesn’t have any visible damage. If you do see an issue with the wood, you can fix it yourself or hire the appropriate handyman to help, since damage to the wood in the home can quickly deteriorate, allowing water into the home and causing further damage.

Check for Water Pooling Around the Foundation

Speaking of water, it’s easy for the landscaping of your home to shift and for water to pool near your foundation. Take a walk around the home immediately after a substantial rainstorm and notice where puddles and runoff go. A landscaping professional can help you reroute pooling water to flow away from the home, reducing the risk of foundation damage, which is very expensive to repair. 

Just by keeping an eye on these items each year, you save yourself lots of money, time, and stress – why not put a note on your calendar to do these projects this weekend? You’ll be glad you did! Your future real estate agent will also thank you because you took the time to follow the best practices of keeping a home in good repair. 


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