Everything you need to know about football betting

For the casual gambler, wagering on university and professional แทงบอล has never been more exciting. The days of having only two possibilities — a winner and an over-under – are long gone. The bookmakers now provide bets on anything from the first quarter spread to the quarterback’s passing yards to the guy who scores the game’s first touchdown. For first-time football bettors, here are a few pointers:


The bulk of ticket producers and sportsbook employees like talking to new people. On Saturday or Sunday, however, not at noon. Plan according to the time.


If the sportsbook you’re going to have an app, familiarise yourself with it first. You’ll know what kinds of bets they have available before they do.


Sportsbooks are cash-only establishments. You don’t want to stand in line, place your bets at the counter, and then find you’re out of cash. It occurs far more frequently than you would believe.

Be familiar with the following terminology.


The money you spend to place your bet is what keeps the sportsbooks in the business. When making a single wager on a football game, most sportsbooks set the juice at -110. To win $100, you must bet $110 to win $100. To win $10, you must wager $11.


The outcome of your wager was a stalemate. You’ll get your initial bet returned if you bet on a 7-point favorite, and they win by seven points. You’ll get your initial stake refunded if you bet on the game going above 40 points, and it ends 23-17.

The Future Bet

It’s a gamble on a long-term occurrence. Future bets can be made on a team’s success, such as winning a division, league, or champions league. They might also be for an individual to win the Finals MVP, lead the contest in passing, or something similar.


A parlay is a multiple-gamble wager in which you must win all of your legs to pay your ticket. You can win more money if you involve more teams.


A teaser is a parlay teaser in which the bettor receives point spread help in exchange for a smaller payoff. A 6-point two-team teaser is the most popular football teaser. 

The bettor picks two teams and adds/subtracts six points from each point spread. A 6-point teaser would suddenly give a 3-point underdog nine points in the game. A 6-point teaser on an 8-point favorite now requires them to win by more than two points instead of eight. Each step of the teaser must get completed to cash the ticket.

How Do You Interpret Football Betting Odds?

There are four essential pieces of information to consider when betting on a football game: The money line, the point spread, the total, and the rotation number. The rotation number, which shows below each team’s name, is a three-digit number. Instead of team names, ticket writers communicate using numbers. They use the rotating number to ensure they and the bettors are on the same page. If you want to wager on a game, you should know the rotation number.

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