5 Types of Athletic Shoes for Everyone and Their Selection

Athletic shoes or sports shoes are available in multiple varieties and designs. They have multiple features, right from materials to colors. Those looking to purchase athletic shoes online need to carry out extensive research to ensure that their footwear is suitable for their athletic activity.

The following questions can help you make your pick without any stress-

  • What activity will you be performing wearing these shoes?
  • Do you need them for one-time use or daily use?
  • What kind of materials are you looking for?
  • What are your color preferences?
  • Do you prefer lace or Velcro shoes?

Now that you have your preference list ready, you can decide on the right style. Websites like Snapdeal feature varieties of women’s casual shoes and sports shoes. The e-commerce site features a plethora of options provided by reputed brands. The following guide will help you understand different types of sports shoes and make the right choice.

  • Running shoes

This athletic footwear is perfect when you are a daily jogger, and your feet need ample cushioning for absorbing multiple shocks. These shoes are perfect for non-runners and those looking to take up jogging. These shoes protect the wearer’s feet from the front and offer support to the heel. High-quality running shoes can protect the user from injuries like shin splints, tendinitis, fractures, and more. One must invest in good quality running shoes to get maximum benefits out of them.

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  • Walking Shoes

Do you take daily walks? You need a good pair of walking shoes. These shoes are designed for shock absorption and protect the ball and heel of the foot. They are perfect for those who experience tenderness and pain in the feet. Walking shoes must be lightweight, along with good cushioning to offer stable and secure support for the feet and walk miles. One must select walking shoes with ample flexibility for ultimate comfort during walks. The upper section of these shoes must also have breathable fabric and must snuggle your feet.

  • Cross Trainers

These are other prominent types of athletic footwear for people involved in more than one activity or sport. One must ensure these trainers have flexible forefoot so that you can wear them on a run, at the same time, wear them for your aerobics or tennis classes.

  • Hiking shoes

These are another notable category of sports shoes for women. They are perfect if you are a frequent hiker. These shoes offer extensive grip to prevent you from falling or skidding. These are comfortable for a long duration of hikes. These shoes are softer than hiking boots and do not require any custom fit. These shoes are made of breathable tin fabrics ensuring the feet can breathe through them and remain cool. These hiking shoes are made from quick-dry fabrics, making them perfect for monsoon hikes as well. These shoes are perfect for frequent travelers.

  • Hiking shoes are available in the following categories-
  • Lightweight shoes- for short trails
  • Midweight shoes- for hiking on rocky or uneven terrains
  • Heavyweight shoes- Those who hike with a considerable weight of backpacks of more than 35 pounds.
  • Minimalist Shoes

Are you among those who enjoy a barefoot run to get more control over your stride? Minimalist shoes are perfect for these requirements. They offer you the feeling of running without shoes, and your body can utilize the finger for natural gait while running. The shoe design is meant for the facilitation of a natural posture to your body while running. However, it is essential to note, these shoes are perfect for trained runners only. These shoes are flexible and light and do not have to cushion.

  • Other types of athletic shoes

  • Maximalist shoes
  • Trail Running shoes
  • Training shoes
  • Gym Shoes
  • Weight lifting shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Soccer cleats
  • Lacrosse shoes
  • Boxing shoes
  • Badminton shoes
  • Tips to purchase good-quality sports shoes

Now that you know different varieties and types of athletic shoes, the following tips will help you make a safe and quality purchase-

  • Always purchase from reputed brands
  • Check your foot size as per the brand size
  • If you are purchasing from an e-commerce site, ensure it has good reviews.
  • Carry out research before selecting the right shoe type
  • Research different fabrics
  • Check return and refund policies
  • Select shoes depending on your activity level


With such extensive athletic footwear varieties on the market, selecting the right brand and seller for sports shoes is essential. Ecommerce sites like Snapdeal feature an extensive collection of women’s casual shoes. They host reputed brands and guarantee the authenticity of your purchase. With their extensive return policy, one can easily try on these shoes at their home and check if it’s the right fit. Moreover, if you do not like the quality of the footwear, you can also return it and get a refund.

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