5 Creative Travel Content Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Are you thinking about becoming a travel blogger?

Travel blogging has exploded over the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down. From highlighting wanderlust to promoting positivity, travel bloggers have carved a special niche on the internet.

As a travel blogger, you must be on the lookout to ensure your content always reflects the latest and greatest trends. So to ensure you never run out of inspiration, we’ve outlined some travel content ideas that will surely boost your following.

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  1. Compare Cities

Comparing cities is a great way to engage the reader and give interesting insight and information at the same time. You can compare different factors like:

  • city sizes
  • transportation options
  • entertainment and cultural attractions
  • foods and drinks
  • cost of living
  • nightlife
  • local hotspots
  • events
  • architectural highlights

This can generate an abundance of content both for an individual piece of writing or for multiple long-form blog posts. It can even be combined with research of trip advisor ratings where available. 

  1. Feature Unique Local Foods

Imagine trying different cuisines from different cultures and countries! Sample traditional dishes, taste strange delicacies, and discover amazing flavors.

You can explore restaurants, eateries, and food stands in the cities you visit. Try street food, visit local markets and farmers’ stalls, and try out home-cooked meals at people’s houses. Document what you eat, and where you eat, and review the food.

Take travel photos, post on social media, and blog about gourmet recipes. Learn how to cook local dishes, share video recipes, and talk about food culture. 

  1. Show the Cheapest Routes to Different Attractions

This type of content could include showing the least expensive methods of transportation from one attraction to the next. You can even pinpoint the most budget-friendly places to stay in and around the attractions. Showcasing the cheapest routes helps your readers have a cost-effective vacation of their own.

  1. What to Do and What Not to Do

Creative travel content ideas for travel bloggers covering the topic of ‘what to do and what not to do could include the following:

  • a story of a time when you tried something you should not have
  • reviewing a particular place or attraction
  • compilation of the weirdest sights
  1. Create Interactive Content

From Q&As and polls to trivia and fun quizzes – interactive content is engaging and can spark conversations among readers. It’s also a great way to connect with readers and extend the life of your content.

Creating interactive content allows you to determine what topics your readers are most interested in. You can also get feedback on the topics they write about. You could engage with readers by starting a challenge or creating trivia quizzes.

Lastly, upload your video and make sure to change background in photo in your thumbnail to make it more appealing to your audience.

Enhance Your Blog With These Travel Content Ideas

The key to creating top-notch travel content is to think outside the box. So try some of our travel blog post ideas above. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with creative travel content ideas for your blog.

Expand your reach, engagement, and success. Make sure to reach out and connect to other travel bloggers for unique collaborations. Get creative and start creating!

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