How Your Business Can Implement Renewable Energy Systems In The Race Towards a Carbon Zero Future?

All the large business corporations and industries are racing towards one thing that is called the “Carbon Zero” future. This term means cutting their carbon emissions footprint to zero. This sudden change in the trajectory of these corporations and industries is fueled by the increasing rate of global warming and the fear of the impending environmental disaster.

Therefore, even small businesses need to step up and ensure that they are doing their part in saving this planet. However, most business owners seem clueless when it comes to transitioning towards renewable energy systems. Mostly because they have met their businesses energy demands through the traditional methods of buying electricity from a supplier.

So here is a brief guide on how to implement renewable energy at your business:

Figuring Out The Total Consumption:

This is the first step towards implementing any renewable energy system. You will have to find out the peak amount of Kilowatt per hour usage of your business. This will allow you to choose a system that meets your energy requirements.

One thing most people tend to forget is that renewable energy systems are not fully efficient, for example, if the system rated output is around 10 KVA then its actual output will be 80-90% of this rated value. So it is recommended to go with an option with a capacity that is 20-30% more than your required capacity. 

Choosing The Right System:

By this, we mean choosing the correct renewable system according to your region and needs. Businesses situated in areas with less than 5 hours of sun time should not opt for solar energy systems because the system will not be able to provide energy all day round or at least during the daytime. 

Similarly, coastal regions that are windy most of the time of the year are best for the installation of wind power systems. These wind power systems can comprise microturbines or large turbines. However, you might have to apply for an installation permit from your local council. 

Businesses near rural and livestock settlements can opt for a biomass energy system. This will allow them to get the fuel at a low cost due to minimal transportation fees. 

Last but not the least, ground source heat pumps are also a great renewable energy system. But their feasibility will vary from area to area and the type of business the system is being installed at. 

Hiring An Energy Procurement Firm

Renewable energy systems can be a great way to power your business but what most people forget is that these systems can only meet your energy demands in suitable conditions.You must have a backup if the system fails to provide you with sufficient energy by looking for energy companies in texas rates. For example, on a rainy day, your solar power system will be of no use because there will be no sunlight.

An energy procurement firm such as Utility Bidder can help you to install an energy system that can power your business with renewable energy as well as have a backup from the local grid system. This is called the net metering method where your energy system will sell the excess electricity during peak production and take in the electricity when the production falls.

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