Bring home the best Powermax treadmill at best price this festive sale

Treadmills today have become part of a healthy lifestyle. Due to hectic lifestyles, many people are not able to pay attention to their fitness. Nevertheless, having a treadmill at home opens doors to a healthy lifestyle. With the help of a treadmill, you can easily carry on your workout sessions without worrying about the weather or planning how to avoid the increasing pollution. The different speed, inclination, touch-based display and heart rate monitoring features make it highly desirable health equipment. Despite being equipped with all these features, treadmills are thought to be expensive, but this festive season, Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is providing exciting offers on treadmill prices, which will help you in bringing home your favourite treadmill without worrying about the costs.

What are the features to look for while buying a treadmill?

If you are searching for a new treadmill for your home, there are some elementary features you should surely check along with the treadmill price. The best home treadmills are convenient in size, installed with strong & durable motors, equipped with built-in workout programs, fitness monitors and other multimedia functions to make your workout sessions enjoyable. The design of the treadmill should be sturdy and versatile to cater to the needs of all the family members. You can also choose among foldable and non-foldable types considering the space constraints.

Confused about how to narrow down your search? Through this article, you will get detailed insights into the choices you need to consider. As the cherry on top, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store is providing never before seen offers on these treadmills this festive season.

Best in class treadmills which you can consider:

1) PowerMax Fitness UrbanTrek TD M3 Motorised Treadmill

The UrbanTrek TD M3 treadmill comes pre-assembled in the box. You just plug it and it’s ready to use, and there is no fiddling with nuts and bolts. Its easy-to-use smart touch-based LED display provides you convenient at-a-glance information about heart rate, workout speed, distance and time, calories burnt etc. These come power-packed with 2.0HP Hi-Torque DC motors which provide high build quality and durability to the treadmill. To provide a capacious running environment, the track has been upgraded to a 1200mm x 420mm running area. The model comes with 3 level manual incline adjustment features which help in burning more calories and at the same time, it targets different muscles of your body.

Along with a bigger motor size and faster flywheel gear ratio, this treadmill provides you with a top speed of 16 Km/hr which will help you to take longer strides in your workouts. Preloaded with 15 sets of workout programs, the treadmill will give you plentiful opportunities to try all sorts of workout techniques. Finally, its foldable feature will help you out with space constraint issues. This highly advanced Powermax treadmill price is Rs. 49,990 exclusively on Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, so don’t miss the chance and go for it this festive season.

2) PowerMax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD-N1 Treadmill

If you are hunting for a budget treadmill for your home gym, this is a perfect choice because the UrbanTrek TD-N1 treadmill price is only Rs. 25,600. Jogging on it at a high speed of 12 Km/hr, you can easily target your carbs. Ergonomically simplified design, the brick-shaped body makes you feel comfortable during running. Fitted with Microcontroller Unit (MCU), LED drive clip, touchpad keys along with a 1.0HP motor, the treadmill guarantees the highest build quality of its hardware.

You can easily control its speed and stop it by using the brake with the help of a user-friendly LED control embedded panel. Having a maximum weight of 90kg, this power-packed treadmill comes pre-assembled in the carton which makes it ready to use. New shock absorption springs along with a double layer running base in place of the traditional shock absorption springs very effectively reduce the impact on the knees when you are running. It has a wide running track area (1210mm x 410mm) facilitating a capacious running atmosphere.

3) PowerMax Fitness TDM-101 Motorized Treadmill with MP3 & iPad holder

PowerMax Fitness TDM-101 treadmill has a built-in auto-stop function. It’s excellent fitness equipment with many distinctive features to provide you with challenging workout sessions. It comes equipped with iPad, bottle, and accessories holder, along with 12 unique preloaded console programs which fulfil your all-around workout needs. A large and spacious 1200mm x 420mm running deck facilitates comfortable running sessions.

A top speed of 12 km/hr assisted by a 2.0HP green efficient motor system helps you challenge yourself in multiple ways to boost your cardiovascular workout routine. PVC non-slip surface has been provided for better, skid-free and rebound resilient purposes so that you can run with comfort and enhanced durability. The 6-Ply running panel damping system creates a responsive and slightly elastic surface which helps in conserving energy and reducing the impact on the runner’s joints. This foldable model surely fits your budget range as this Powermax treadmill price is only Rs. 24,990.

You can buy any of these Powermax treadmills at the best price from India’s go-to shopping destination, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. On completing the purchase this festive season, you will benefit from lucrative discounts and other offers such as cashback. So don’t miss this golden chance to start your fitness journey along with Powermax treadmills this festive season.

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